How to pre-sell online courses?

It’s not unusual to sell something before you produce it. Various goods and services have been pre-sold by people and businesses worldwide before they committed to providing them. They do this to see whether there is a market for their ideas before spending the required time and money to develop them. A presale can be started at any moment before your class is officially launched. You could not even have started working on it yet, or you might be about halfway done. In any event, you’ll start selling your online courses before it ever launches. Before the course’s formal debut, interested customers can enroll and make payments for the course.

What is pre-selling

With the help of a presale, you may promote and sell any online product before the scheduled release. Then, you set a deadline for your audience to enroll in the program if they wish to participate. 

By offering presales of your courses, you allow your audience to be the first to learn whatever it is you want to teach them. However, you won’t lose any time when it comes to sales. You also allow yourself extra time to construct your course contents.

Undoubtedly, there are several advantages to pre-selling your online course. However, always remember the goods or services you plan to sell. In addition, you must release your online course within the timeframe you set for yourself, even when pre-selling it.

Online Courses Outlining

Create an outline for your online course first. You may add the content to your presale page by outlining it first.

This blueprint may be used to guide the writer for the landing page for your presale. Although you don’t have to go into great depth about the online course, you should give your outline enough substance to understand each step.

You should outline the goals your course will help its participants achieve and the teaching methods you’ll use. For example, would you display for your clients, hold a live webinar, or film a video?

Course Benefits

Make a list of the advantages your course will provide for your students using your outline. Give as much information as possible, then condense those advantages into a few punchy words or bullet points.

Look for bullets that are specific to your area of specialization or teaching style. What distinguishes your online course from the rest. All of this will help you pre-sell your online course.

Online Courses Selling Page

Visitors are converted into buyers on every product sales page. Therefore, the introduction of your product or service should be spread throughout numerous parts. A page should be dedicated to each online course, keep in mind. To promote the online course, pages must be created.

Make a catchy title that will encourage visitors to click the buy button and stay on your website.

Overview on the sales page

Include the advantages we previously mentioned in a quick summary of your course. Make it brief yet packed with terminology your clients value, such as action verbs. A paragraph or two should be the maximum length for your overview. In addition to the description, you may use images or a video to further pique clients’ interests.

To engage visitors, don’t forget to speak in your distinct voice and tone. Useless words will just drive them away. So instead, write with lots of personalities, precisely as you would talk.

Testimonials on the sales page

Visitors can be converted by social evidence more quickly than by any brand marketing message. So take advantage of the fact that people trust other customers more than they trust companies by adding feedback on your sales page.

Email Campaign

To sell your course, you must now inform others about it. Your subscribers will become enthusiastic about your course and you’ll be able to build a solid consumer base for your new product by launching an email campaign.


Your whole audience won’t end up on your subscriber list, but email marketing is excellent for converting prospects. You must thus diversify your marketing strategies. For example, to get more people to sign up for your email list and spread the word about your presale, you might consider writing a blog article about it.

Give a summary of the course’s advantages and include a Buying option button at the conclusion.

YouTube Video

You may publish a few shorter movies, each dealing with a different minor issue. In the description of each video, provide a call to action encouraging viewers to enroll in your online course. Adding a video will be more advantageous and help with the presale of the online course because many people use YouTube regularly.

grow your coaching business

Online presales are quick and efficient strategies to increase brand recognition and sales A complicated digital product like an online course requires a lot of time to develop. That delay shouldn’t prevent you from making sales, of course.

grow your coaching business

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