5 Best E-books creation software

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business person, or an educator engaged in remote teaching/virtual teaching, creating an e-book is inviolable. An e-book establishes you as an expert in your domain. 

However, creating an e-book may seem to be an uphill task if you are new to the arena. You may choose to hire a professional to help you out, or you may decide to do it yourself. If you decide to do it on your own, an e-book creator will help you in easing out your task 

This software can be free or paid for. Here, we give you the list of the 5 best e-book creators that will make the process of creating an online e-book very easy for you.

Why E-books?

 While some people still prefer physical books, e-books are fast catching up to them. Let’s see why you should write an e-book. It is one of the best strategies to grow your Online teaching business.

  • Establishes you as an expert in your domain.
  • Free download e-books are getting popular due to their accessibility on mobile devices.
  • A simple free e-book is easy to create.
  • Can add to your source of income, especially if you are into remote teaching.

Features of a good e-book maker

Before jumping into e-book makers, here are some features that you should look into for your ideal software.

  • It supports storage in the cloud.
  • It has ready-made templates to make your design less cumbersome.
  • It will help you download your online ebook in multiple formats, like PDF, ePub, Mobi, and KPF.
  • If it can convert your existing content into your free ebook without having to create new content again, it will be a huge bonus.

E-book formats – 

  1. PDF is a printer-friendly e-book format that lets you write your manuscript as you had intended. It is also the most common and popular of all the forms.
  2. E-Pub is the universal file format for e-books and is easily resizable and editable. It is supported on many devices. You can also convert from E-Pub to PDF using E-Pub to PDF converter software and apps that are freely available. There are also E-Pub reader Windows software and apps available that help you to read and edit this format in Windows.
  3. MOBI is Amazon’s e-book company, and it is mostly not in use these days. Its descendants like AZE, however, are still in use on Kindle.

List of best ebook creation software

  1. Canva – A great software to design free ebooks, canva is an all-time favorite of ebook designers for online teaching. Arguably the best feature of canva is its myriad free templates that you can easily customize according to your needs. 

Furthermore, easy-to-use drag and drop tools make designing e-books on this platform a matter of minutes. There is a free standard version and there is a premium paid version that offers a lot more variety of templates, images, and music to choose from. It supports cloud storage and allows you to download your free online e-book in PDF format. What else can one ask for! You can create your e-books using canva here.

  1. Google Docs – Our ubiquitous Google Docs, of course, is completely free software to create free ebooks for your online teaching. If you are looking to create a simple ebook, Docs is a hassle-free option for you. It lets you download ebooks in PDF as well as ePub format. 

The e-Pub format is more user-friendly as it lets you view your free e-books on a variety of devices. You can always convert the versions using e-pub to pdf converter. So, without any thoughts, create your e-book on Google Docs.

  1. Draft2Digital – If you have your manuscript ready in .doc or .docx format, Draft2Digital is a great formatting platform that will add stars to the design of your online e-book. It has some amazing, easy-to-use templates to play with. It supports cloud storage and lets you format your e-book in PDF, e-PUB, and MOBI as well. The icing on the cake is that they also offer distribution services for a price. You can check all the services offered by them at Draft2Digital 
  2. LucidPress – This drag and drop editor is yet another wonderful software to help you create your dream eBook. It is a very user-friendly platform, and even tech novices can use it without much difficulty. It contains hundreds of free and customizable templates to help you create the design of your choice. Another big plus is that it is a web-based platform, which means you do not need to download or install any app on your device. Plus, it also allows you to import your existing content from DOCS, Dropbox, YouTube, etc. to help with hassle-free creation. Check out LucidPress today!
  3. Ulysses – Ulysses is a great choice for the Mac OS. A paid e-book creator, it is simple to use. You can easily format your content, add images, and links to your e-book. Its autosave feature is a real savior. It supports 10 languages and lends a professional touch to your creation. Ulysses is a must-try for Mac and iOS users.

A good e-book will keep your readers immersed in your content and will create a demand for more. You can start creating your e-Book from one of the above-listed software or tens of others that are available online. Good software will help with the effortless design of your content and save you time and headache. For good software and features for a teachers help check out Classplus.

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