How To Create And Sell Courses Online 

What will be the most fun activity as a teacher to do on weekends that will also make you earn money? Yes, you guessed it right! Creating and selling courses online. Online courses in 2023 are essential if you are willing to start your business by teaching entrepreneurship. But how to create and sell courses online?

Going online helps you to reach a wider audience and share your knowledge and experiences on a global marketplace. There are a lot of things you need to prepare and plan before knowing how to create and sell courses online?

Things to keep in mind when you want to create and sell courses online

If you teach a topic you are passionate about, it is more likely that your course will become interesting and will fulfill someone’s needs. Including your skills and life experiences in the topic will make the course monetizable. 

People who buy online courses are the ones who are looking for a career change or a career development, so you need to choose a topic that motivates the customer to buy it and makes it easier for you to create and sell an online course.

1. Choose the course with high market demand

After you have successfully picked a topic for your online course, check for its market demand. If a course topic has high competition in the market, that means it has a high market demand, which makes it ideal for monetization. Below are some of the steps that might help you to understand the market demand before you ask how to create and sell online courses.

Check for the popularity of your topic on google trends. Use the google keyword planner to check for the search volume of your finalized course topic for free. This gives you an insight into how many people have searched for your course topic and suggests other keywords that others might use.

2. Structure of your course plan

To understand how to create and sell online courses, start by determining the target audience for your course. This will help you in defining the course learning and its outcomes. You can also divide your course material into modules and lessons for better understanding.

To improve learning experience, you can consider incorporating multimedia resources as well. Consider including extra tools and materials like worksheets, eBooks, and case studies to make your course more engaging and interesting. 

3. Instructional design storyboard 

A design storyboard will help you stay focused on the important points of your course and will ensure you deliver all your learning outcomes. 

4. Course outline

Create a course outline for your online course. This will show your students how your course helps them learn something that it offers as a roadmap. You can then plan the individual lessons based on the course outline. Outlines help to easily add all the important information in the course.

5. Engaging content

How to create and sell online courses? Making the content as engaging as possible is the ultimate goal of creating a course to make it easier to sell courses online. Make sure you achieve a balanced version of practical and audio-visual methods which will provide your audience with a satisfactory learning experience. 

Methods of storytelling reward through gamification and live sessions will make your course exciting and interesting.

6. Production phase

The production phase includes filming, recording, and editing your course. How you choose to deliver your content is dependent on what will engage your audience the most. Visual methods are usually considered the best. You can use your power-point presentations as a background screen for your teaching videos.

7. Pricing of your online courses 

After you have your online course material ready to be published, you need to decide on the pricing. The process of pricing of your online course mainly depends on what content your course delivers and how it is different and better than all of your other competitors. 

Always try pricing your online course a little higher than your competitors. A lower price makes your course look less valuable.

8. Marketing plan

Well, this is not it. Now that you’re done with your course, you need to come up with a marketing strategy to sell courses online. Always be ahead of at least 18 months for your marketing plan, and be sure to keep generating leads. 

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9. Creating a course selling page

How to create and sell online courses? A sales page is a page that has the sole purpose of getting a student to enroll in your course or buy it. The page should be as engaging as possible, with an eye-catching headline and highlights of the benefits you offer.

10. Launch your courses through a webinar

Webinars are proven to create an environment that is trustworthy and can ensure a way for you to connect with your target audiences and ask them to buy your course.

11. Create mini-courses

Mini-courses are like a smaller glimpse of your main course. You can offer these mini-courses for free to students and then ask them to buy the main course to get a deeper dive into the main topic. 

Different ways to sell courses online

Creating and selling online courses may be a lucrative and rewarding business. To begin, choose a topic about which you are knowledgeable and passionate. Following all of the preceding procedures, choose a platform to host it on and set a price that reflects its worth. Below are the three major ways you can use to sell courses online.

1. Online course marketplace

Awareness and marketing are the two most important parts. They don’t give you much access to branding, which forms a poor user experience. This should not be used as the primary medium to sell courses online.

2. Learning management systems

LMSs like Classplus give private tutors and coaching institutes their app. Classplus provides your app with tools that make content creation and selling five times easier and gives you a platform to grow your business.

3. Get your own app

For selling online courses, you can create your own app where you can connect with students, take live lessons, sell courses, and so on. To acquire your app, contact Classplus and schedule a FREE demo with one of our growth specialists today!

The Final Word

Online courses in 2023 are the biggest hype. Ask yourself how you can deliver a popular course topic differently. This will require some research on what people are searching for and what the competitors are offering. Fun, enthusiasm, and creativity will make your course stand out. 

Make your learning outcomes loud and clear so that only the students who need it buy the course. This will ensure higher satisfaction rates. Platforms like Classplus help you to sell courses online with ease and earn great revenues.

How To Create And Sell Courses Online FAQs

Q1. What kind of online courses sell the most? 

A1. The online courses that are sold the most are blockchain, crypto, trading, video production, graphic designing, and photography.

Q2. What courses are most searched?

A2. The most searched courses are defensive driving courses, online accounting courses, online programming/coding courses, etc.

Q3. What are the most wanted online courses?

A3. The online courses that are in demand are data science, data analysis, coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, project management, etc. 

Q4. What is the most profitable course?

A4. Some of the most profitable course niches are healthcare, nutritional planning, fitness courses, strength training, meal planning, etc. 

Q5. Is it profitable to think about how to create and sell online courses?

A5. Yes, with the change in the ways of learning and teaching, selling online courses is really profitable if you are willing to start an online education business.   

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