Fun Tasks For Students In Online Classes For Improving Problem Solving Skills


As adults, we are facing various problems both in our personal and professional lives. Children who develop problem-solving skills at a younger age will find it less challenging when they enter the real world. They will know how to react to a problem spontaneously when they face it. So, teaching your students problem-solving skills in a funnier way is essential starting from their school days. This blog will look at the top seven funny games you can give your students to improve their problem-solving skills

Fun Tasks For Students In Online Classes For Improving Problem Solving Skills

What is a problem-solving skill? 

Problem-solving is the process of understanding the cause of a problem and developing the most suitable solutions for the problem. Nowadays, most companies look for candidates who excel at problem-solving skills since it is one of the essential skills in this developing world of technology. To become an excellent problem solver, a person should develop their communication skills, analytical skills, creativity, decision making, logical thinking, and more. Here are the top seven funny ways to develop problem-solving skills in your students.

1 Brainstorming 

Brainstorming is an activity that involves a group of people discussing and working towards finding solutions to a problem. It is a group problem-solving activity that motivates students to develop their creativity and is one of the best games for improving student participation in the classroom. 

In this activity, you can give a scenario or a problem and encourage your students to form a group and discuss finding solutions for it. After discussing the solutions, each student has to explain their understanding and view of the situation and the solution they found. This collaborative problem-solving technique makes them work together to find solutions for the given situation and improves their critical thinking. 

2 Decision-making games improves problem solving skills

Decision-making games involve finding the best possible option for a given scenario among more solutions. Nowadays, most organizations rely on proper decision-making strategies to make huge profits. Group decision-making games make the students interact and develop their problem-solving skills. 

There are a lot of group decision-making games you can make your students play among themselves. Tower of Hanoi, Reverse pyramid, Human knot, Frostbite, Dumb Idea first, problem-solving box, Tic-tac-toe, musical chairs, and Egg drop idea are some of the most common group decision-making games that help children to improve their problem-solving skills. 

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3 Scavenger hunting game

Scavenger hunting is one of the enjoyable games that improve problem-solving techniques. In this game, students should be grouped into two teams. One group has to prepare a list of items, and the other team members should find and bring them all without purchasing any of them. This game encourages students to work together and try different activities to accomplish the given tasks, which improves their creativity. 

4 Funny solution-finding games 

You can try some funniest problem-solving games like blind drawing to improve problem-solving skills in your students. In this game, a student has to describe something without saying anything so obvious about it. Another student has to draw whatever he understands from that description. Playing this game develops a fun environment in the classroom instantly and helps to improve the thinking capability of students.

5 Impromptu games 

Playing an impromptu game is an excellent way to make your students think critically. The word Impromptu means doing something without preparation or having any prior idea. In this game, you will give each student an impromptu situation or a problem and ask them to find an immediate solution. There are some possibilities of students coming up with a wrong or an inappropriate answer since they thought instantly. In such cases, guide them the right way and insist they follow the proper way to follow. 

6 Think out-of-the-box games 

Providing a problem and asking your students to come up with solutions is great. However, as a teacher, you should make them think out of the box. Teachers should encourage students to think creatively and arrive at the most unusual and extraordinary solutions. 

For example, after giving them a scenario, list all the usual solutions for that problem and ask your students to find something that is not on that list. Appreciate students who try to think differently and arrive at more creative answers. Playing these games will help them think limitlessly and come up with extraordinary ideas. 

7 Different solutions providing games 

In today’s world, almost every problem requires two or more solutions. Likewise, provide your students with some problems and ask them to find as many solutions as they can. With this practice, students will know how to think about alternatives and arrive at more solutions. 

To Wrap Up 

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Practicing problem-solving techniques helps children to solve complex problems more effectively in the future. It helps them decide accurately and enhances team working skills. Playing fun problem-solving games will also help them think uniquely and differently. 

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