Ways For Teachers to Make Online Teaching Fun

It takes various skills and experiences for a teacher to stimulate students’ brains and attract focus in a virtual class. Many are accustomed to the process now, but still, some teachers search for ways to improve online teaching and make virtual classes fun for students. 

What makes Online Teachers Eligible as Good Instructors

Today the teachers who are taking virtual classes know well that the success of the students depends on slightly different criteria than in-person learning. Besides common practices, it needs different skill sets. The teacher has to possess creativity, technical knowledge, and lots of extra preparation before taking an online class. 

Subject certification and Curriculum expertise 

Every teacher should have a state certification or National educational degree, which proves that he or she is eligible to teach. A bachelor’s or master’s degree with teacher certification makes a qualified teacher. Also, the teacher must be an expert in his or her subject area so that students can get the best educational support and knowledge from an expert teacher. 

Technical skills

As the online classes require a minimum of technical knowledge, a teacher must have a basic knowledge of internet access and be comfortable using new technology and devices. Therefore, a tech-savvy teacher will have that extra facility to deal with technical problems during online classroom online sessions. Teachers can become tech-savvy with the help of Classplus. This platform helps them to manage all the activities of online class through their own app and work with comfort.  

Creative skills in the Learning area

Students love teachers who are creative and believe learning is fun. It is too difficult for the teacher to think outside the box and prioritize creative thinking for students’ success in an online learning environment. Any curriculum or subject can be taught in the online classroom with creativity. 

Punctuality and Behavioural skills

If the teachers want to get proper classroom behavior, they have to maintain some good points. Punctuality is essential, and teachers should be punctual enough to start an online class. This will make the students understand whether it’s an in-person or online class, they have to maintain time. 

Building trust is important for the teacher with students and parents in an online session. Teachers should have a welcoming and clear attitude which will help to conduct successful virtual classes

Adaptability and Proactive Feedback giving Skills

Teachers can easily maintain positive interaction with students even from a distance. Online activities become easier if the teacher can adapt to the online environment in a friendly manner. A dedicated, supportive teacher always encourages students to bring out the best in them. 

Five ways for teachers to make online school life fun

Utilize Options for New Technology

Using the internet and technology on a regular basis, a teacher can keep himself up to date on the new tools and applications. This will help the student and parents to have a smooth virtual academic year. School’s Learning Management System is the main piece of technological use a teacher has to learn and get used to. 

Schools use various learning tools and technologies to deliver lesions and communicate with parents and students the whole year. 

Many schools and teachers use spreadsheets and pivot tables to track the progress of each student and create a database. Teachers create visualization and analysis programs to make personalized learning plans. Good teachers not only use the basic technologies but also accept the changes in technology that evolve rapidly to meet them. 

Keep interactive sessions with each student.

Teachers can be flexible and create personalized instruction when needed to make sure that students are able to grasp the concept of the lessons. Question-answer sessions live or through assignments are some of the great ways to keep connected with the students. Teachers will need new strategies to help the students in virtual class activities. Group or one-to-one interaction can clear all doubts and create a strong bonding between teacher and students. 

Teachers can make the boring class a fun time for students by developing different activity classes. They should embrace the new technology and take charge of the class. Quizzes are quite effective in easily making the students understand the core subject matter. They will remember the lesson more easily if it is done through live polls and quizzes.

Incorporating games is another way to instantly draw the focus of students and make learning more fun. There is no need to put a lot of time into developing games. It does not need to be expensive for the games as there are hundreds of educational games for teachers and students that can be played online in five classes. Students will look forward to the game day, and they will learn the lessons faster. 

Consider New Learning Methods

There are enormous types of learning styles that students have, and on the other hand, teachers also have a wide variety of teaching methods. The need is to merge these things and understand which one will be a balanced way to make the online class more entertaining. 

While online learning, it is necessary to evaluate lesson plans and tactics which are best suited for the students. The flipped classroom style is a classic way to carry on the lessons smoothly. In this method, the students watch the lesson videos after school and answer the assignments related to it. When they are online again in the class, teachers discuss the problems they might have faced while doing homework. 

Collaborate with Students and Parents

In the world of virtual learning when teachers and students are separated from in-person activity. Collaborating with students and parents will enhance their motivation and encourage them to do better than before. Continuation of frequent collaborations with parents and teachers also helps to develop social skills in an unconventional environment. 

Keeping the live class ‘alive’ is really an important part of class engagement and learning with fun. Schools do not last for a very long time, so it is a major responsibility for the teachers to give some special and happy moments to the students. Classplus app has made this thought a reality. Their personalized provision for the teachers to make sessions according to how they are planning is making the whole learning system fun and enjoyable. 

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