All you need to know about an online learning management system (LMS)?


During the Covid pandemic period, we’ve had to rely on technology for almost everything and education is not at all an exception. It is because of the online learning management system, students were able to pursue their education without any hassle. The system greatly helped the students and teachers to efficiently resume their work from their places, amidst the pandemic situation. Let us know more about the online learning management system in this article.

An online learning management system is a web-based application or technology which integrates administration, tracking, reporting, documentation, delivery of learning, and educational programs. This technology has its roots in e-Learning and is appreciably helpful to fill the learning gaps during the pandemic. Nowadays, most schools are using LMS to effectively manage and monitor student learning. 

The online LMS system provides an instructor-led interface to the students, enabling them to interact with their teachers, access the lecture videos, discussion forums, and more. Not only schools but nowadays corporate organizations are also using this technology to upskill their employees.

Features of the online learning management system

The online LMS enables the teachers to create and integrate the study materials, set up the learning goals, perform customized assessments and track their students’ performance. Learning technology has evolved significantly and provides immense features to enhance online learning. Some of the notable features are,

  1. Course Management: With LMS, teachers can create structured course content. It enables them to store the data in a secured and organized manner. Teachers can upload various files that are helpful for students, without worrying about the format. It provides an easy way to maintain and update the learning materials.
  2. Paces of Learning: Unlike traditional methods of learning, this learning management system enables the students to learn at their own pace because of the recorded videos and lectures. Students can also attend live classes through webinars. 
  3. Easy Integration: Online LMS provides hassle-free integration with other learning tools and teachers can assess, track, and update their students’ performance in one place. Students can easily collaborate using the discussion, groups, etc.
  4. Effective Feedback: With LMS, students can provide feedback to their teachers which helps to improve the learning process. This active interaction between students and teachers is helpful to keep the learning progressively.
  5. Performance Analysis: Students can visibly track their performance using the LMS dashboards and thereby improve themselves for the next level. They can also accurately track the completion rates of respective courses, their attendance, and assessment reports.

Technical aspects of the learning management system

The LMS online comprises various technical aspects to ensure the smooth learning progress of students. From login to storage, LMS takes care of all the technical activities in the background to provide a seamless learning system to the students. They include,

  1. Interactive UI: LMS provides user-friendly UI to offer easy navigation to the students. Students and teachers can access the platform from any kind of device. They can also download the contents to use them while offline.
  1. Secure login: Students and teachers are provided with separate kinds of logins to ensure data security and safe accessibility. 
  1. Managing catalogs: Teachers can create materials and catalogs related to the courses which help in delivering targeted learning and effective learning management.
  1. Levels of support: LMS provides different levels of support to resolve the issues faced by the users. They include discussion boards, toll-free numbers, email, etc.
  1. Gamification and Personalization: LMS systems include gamification features to keep the students engaged with their learning progress. It also uses artificial intelligence to personalize the course creation for the students.

Benefits of online LMS

Unlike traditional educational methods, online LMS has massive benefits for both students and teachers. Some of them are,

  • Reduced the need for traveling, especially in times of covid.
  • Cost-effective, because it eliminates the need of buying materials and books physically.
  • Self-paced learning makes learning comfortable for students.
  • Dashboards enable you to view the results and compare them with the previous ones effectively.
  • Provides a personalized learning experience.
  • Easy and effective update of materials.
  • No need to worry about missing the deadlines. LMS notifies when the deadline is nearby.
  • Provides centralized management for teachers, as they can manage data of an enormous number of students in one place.
  • Provides safe storage of learning materials and students can access them no matter wherever they are.

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Importance of online LMS in covid-19 pandemic

Since the pandemic had started, the education of students became questionable and parents started to worry without knowing how their children would resume their studies. School closures affected the learning progress of students and the pandemic started to last longer. That is where this kind of learning management system extends its hands to help the students to continue their studies. 

At The End

Despite having many challenges while making the transition to LMS, students were able to be in touch with their mentors and go ahead with their learning progress. Though the virtual classrooms experience provided by the LMS were completely new to them, students are now comfortable handling the LMS features. 

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Students were able to continue their studies safely from their homes when their health and safety lie at the top priority. It helped them to study even when they are quarantined and not allowed to physically interact with other people. 

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Though LMS was introduced first during the 1990s, it achieved a greater height and evolved more during the times of pandemic. In this growing world of technologies, online learning management systems like Classplus proved that it is possible to bring up classrooms for students to their houses and enable them to learn comfortably. Classplus help you build an app of your own to reach your students easily.