Tips For Teachers To Improve Communication Skills

Communication is the primary key to success in any profession. Being a teacher means you need to have great communication skills to be a successful teacher. Communicating with your students is a very difficult job because every student is different from the others. Effective communication is a way of creating a stable and understanding relationship between students and teachers. To create such relationships, teachers need to master their communication skills.

There are many communication skills for teachers that help them with students and their development. Good communication skills are 50% responsible for molding students.

Different strategies to improve communication skills 

Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills for teachers are like a silver lining on the white cloud. Teachers can opt for some strategies that can help them improve their communication skills and grow personally and professionally. Here are some strategies for teachers that will help them improve their skills.

1. Pay attention to body language and voice tone

It is important to pay attention to one’s body language because the first communication is through body language and then through words. Positive body language helps to create a positive environment for the conversation. Similar to body language, voice tone also matters. 

Keeping a correct voice tone matters a lot to make the listener understand your message. A teacher must have a professional yet friendly voice tone and positive body language. A teacher’s behavior impacts their students in many ways. 

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To improve body language and voice tone communication skills, a teacher should:

  • Stay relaxed
  • Must not slouch (sitting while keeping your shoulders forward)
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Keep a smile on your face
  • Keep a calm voice tone 
  • Practice breathing exercise

2. Practice active listening

Active listening is very important for teachers to ensure effective communication. This is one of the communication skills for teachers that helps them to improve their understanding of students and help them further.

Active listening skills build up confidence and create trust in the speaker’s mind that you are interested in what they are saying. This is a great way to build trust and understand the student’s needs.

3. Take considerate feedback

Feedback is really important to improve communication skills. Communication skills are important for teachers to be successful, but so is feedback from their mentors or colleagues. It gives the area that has a scope of improvement and can grow faster and bring improvement in yourself.

As a teacher, feedback is helpful to improve teaching methods, the ways to deal with students, and self-growth, which is really important for teachers. You can take feedback in various ways, such as through direct questioning, questionnaire, group discussion, and many other ways.

4. Have control over emotions

Sometimes miscommunication can lead to major misunderstandings, and that can lead to overwhelming behaviors such as yelling, crying, etc. In the teaching profession, students’ behavior can sometimes lead to emotions like anger in teachers, which is why teachers must have a hold of emotions. 

To deal with this, keep in mind a few things, such as staying calm and remaining positive and respectful. This will surely help to deal with other overwhelming emotions.

5. Use visual

A human’s visual memory is stronger than any other. You must have heard somewhere, “What you see remains longer than what you heard. The use of visuals in education is really helpful because it helps to retain information for a longer period of time.

Communicating through visuals such as photographs, pictures, and videos can be helpful for teachers in order to help students and improve their communication with students 

How do communication skills help teachers?

Communication skills for teachers are very important because communication is the key to everything. Having great communication skills helps teachers to teach with multiple teaching methods that are helpful for their students as well.

Communication is required at different levels of teaching, and it is important to understand how to communicate with students, parents, and other teachers.

1. Communication with students

Communicating with students is the primary thing a teacher does. The communication skills of teachers are most used in dealing with their students. A teacher listens to their students as active listener and helps them in improving themselves.

The body language and voice tone of a teacher certainly helps to encourage students’ impersonal growth. Communicating through visuals might help teachers to create a better understanding of students and learn more effectively.

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2. Communication with parents 

Communication with parents is important. Parents must know the progress updates of the children. A teacher must frequently attend meetings with parents in order to inform them about their children’s good and bad results.

The communication relationship between parents and teachers should be so strong that teachers can easily convey their messages, and both teachers and parents can work on the improvement of their students.

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3. Communication with colleagues

Apart from parents and students, teachers communicate with their fellow teachers as well. It is important to keep a harmonious relationship between teachers to keep a positive and healthy working environment.

A positive environment is important for working effectively, and communication with teachers or other colleagues can be helpful in one’s growth.


Communication is an art that is learned with practice and patience. Teachers must have great communication skills that help them to grow and help their students as well. There are many platforms that help teachers to grow and build their journey, and one such platform is Classplus.

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Improve communication skills for teachers FAQs

What is effective communication in teaching?

Effective communication in teaching means that the students are able to completely understand what the teacher is teaching them. Teaching can only be effective when communication is both ways.

What are some good communication skills?

Some good communication skills are knowing your audience, getting to the point, being a good listener, being confident while you speak, keeping your body language formal, maintaining voice tone, and many others.

Which is the most effective communication?

Verbal communication is the most effective communication. In this, the message is easily given and received. The message is easily understood as well.

Why are communication skills important?

Communication skills are important to be professional and achieve success. Without proper communication skills, no one can be successful because, without communication, you won’t be able to convey your message properly.

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