5 Tips to make your Dance Studio Successful

Since the onset of the pandemic, dance classes have been on the hit list of Google searches. When the whole world was under lockdown, virtual Zumba dance classes and Salsa dance classes were a savior to many. Not only does your dance studio help you keep your passion alive, but they are also a great source of earnings too. 

Dance being your passion, you spend your entire creativity and energy on building your best dance studio. But how to make it successful? It is not enough to just fuel your passion, your creativity should be showcased to the world. Further, for you to have a decent income from your dance studio you should have a good number of students.

To help you reach out to a large audience and get more students, here is a list of 5 effective tips.

Social Media for your Dance Studio

Social media is the holy grail of digital marketing. With more than half of the world on some form of social media, you cannot afford to not promote yourself on social media. You can simultaneously reach out to millions of people on Facebook or Instagram.  

Post videos of your dance programs, your student testimonials, choreographed tutorials, or anything that you think can catch the attention of your target audience. Create and post some interesting graphic posters for your dance studio. Take the help of social media influencers who already have quite a good number of followers. Reaching out to people is the key. Do not be limited to a couple of platforms, promote your dance studio on multiple social media platforms and social networking sites. You can also sell your courses online using Youtube.

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Free trial Classes

You have reached out to a good number of people. But still, people do not know you personally. There is a difference between being a great performer and a great teacher. People are not aware of how you teach, and what you teach. They may be still wary of paying you upfront and enrolling in your dance classes. The best way to answer their apprehension is to offer them trial classes.

Dance studio trial classes have a good conversion ratio. When you answer their apprehensions, the trust between you and your students’ increases. They are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. 


Get connected with your local community and perform at your local fairs and festivals. Show off those Zumba dance moves. Performing at these events not only enhances your visibility in your place but when they post your videos on their social media handles, in a way they sponsor you. Your talent gets recognized and these events get some entertainment. 

Look out for sponsors who have the same target audience as you. For example, a summer camp program. You can offer your classes to their students at a discounted price. In return, you get some ready enrolments. There are high chances that at least a few of these students will continue with you even after the summer camp program.

Open house

Host a hybrid open house for your target customers. Even if you are totally into online mode, your students will love to interact with you personally. Therefore, invite your students, their friends, and their family to an event organized by your team. You can live stream the open house on your social media feed. 

Harness the power of Technology

Using technology is one of the many life skills that the pandemic has taught us. With life slowly coming back to normal, many of the best dance studios have reopened for in-person classes. They still have kept their virtual classroom option open. This is because they know that they can reach out to a lot more people by doing so.

Not all marketing strategies work for everyone. Therefore, it is imperative that you do some research on your target audience. Craft a plan of action and follow it meticulously. With a little hard work and a little smartness, your dance studio can surely scale those heights that you have dreamt of!

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