Want To Teach Coding? 5 Ways To Start It


Concept of Coding 

Programming was an area of software students before the emergence of the pandemic. For a couple of years, Coding has been popular among kids too. Coding class is a creative activity and learning for kids and a new subject to add to their syllabus. There might not be any data processing algorithm writing, but the students can enjoy music, create games, design websites, or learn basic codes. 

Coding is a list of step-by-step instructions, and computers work according to those instructions. Programmers write codes, and through those programs, we see or do everything on the computer. It is the technique of converting ideas, education, and solutions that the computer can understand. If you want to teach Coding, then read the following answers below:

Why is Coding Important for Kids

When we become accustomed to the existing technology, something new drops in the market, and we begin to find more information regarding that technology. Kids have a better knack for new technology, and hence learning Coding is fun and more accessible for them than the adults. One of the reasons why Coding is more important for kids and students are:

  • Coding Makes Math Entertaining

It makes mathematics more fun and engaging for the students even if they don’t like the subject. Moreover, as classes of math and Coding are deeply related, it builds mathematical skills and abilities. 

  • Problem-solving Skills Develops

It develops problem-solving skills among students. It encourages the kids to deal with a problem till they get the solution. They learn to quickly try different ways to solve a problem if something doesn’t work out. 

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  • Promotes Creativity 

Coding nurtures creativity in students. It encourages students to explore their ideas, experiment with questions about their assumptions, and learn from their mistakes. 

  • Improves Computational Skills

Computational thinking is structured and designed to identify problems regardless of age and level of computer literacy. 

  • Students Learn by Exploring

Coding promotes the proven theory of ‘learning by doing. It is a hands-on approach where students learn through interacting with the environment. 

Five Different Resources to Start to Teach Coding

If you don’t know how to code but want to teach it, you can check some of the online options to learn Coding and later lead the students. The secret of teaching Coding to kids is to be creative; you don’t need to be a math genius or software programmer. 

There are many online sources to learn the introductory courses to the computer science principle courses. Here is a list of some of the best coding websites you can follow:

  • Scratch 

Scratch Junior is intended for 5 to 7 years of students, and it is available free for iOS and Android devices. The ScratchEd Programme is a game developed by Harvard education researchers. It is a free downloadable product with a guide for the teachers to instruct students in creative computing. Scratch has a seven-unit guide curriculum, and it is designed to give direction to the students through the development of interactive and media processes.

  • Code.org 

Code.org is a nonprofit organization that promotes access to Coding for everyone. No prior experience is needed to learn from this website. This is a great option for those who want to teach Coding but need simple guidance. 

  • CodeCombat

When you teach online Coding, just like gaming, it becomes a fun activity for the students and kids. Students of age nine and above can be interested in exploring Coding through this game-based coding program. 

  • Kodable 

The app is known as Kodable and targets students in kindergarten, which does not mean it is a huge pressure. Rater gives a full curriculum to the students as low as the kindergarten age, full entertainment through modern learning. Teachers can learn the new way of Coding for kids and encourage the kids of 5 years and under to know how to code. Kids do not have to read or write to understand the topic. The app comes with 30 free levels. 

  • Lightbot 

Lightbot is a free version of a puzzle game that teaches planning, debugging, procedures and loops. The free version lasts for an hour, and the full version is available for sale in the App Store and Google Play.

  • Alice
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Alice is a popular coding platform with unique storytelling, just like Scratch. You can start teaching Coding with this module as it can tell a story and make animated videos. Experienced teachers can use it for beginner students to discuss different coding elements.

To Sum Up

Sharing knowledge is a good-feeling thing. If you can show someone that you know, basic programming is great. But Coding requires hands-on practice, which drives the kids to easily learn about this new technology. You can start your teaching with Coding by discussing the basics in a fun way. Then, enlighten yourself about the world of Coding by using great platforms like Classplus, which allows you to set up a free creative virtual classroom with the things customized as per your need in your own app. Here you can manage all your work with different features of the app deigned as per your own requirement.