5 Best Tools to Create Online Course in 2022


Take your teaching skills to an online level and connect with thousands of students and learners worldwide. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie course creator or an experienced one. Online course creation software will make you ready for the future of education. This article will introduce you to some of the best course creation software, which provides you with free tools to create online courses as well. Create awesome online courses with the help of these platforms!


Classplus is an Ed-Tech Indian startup company founded in 2015. It empowers educationalists by providing them with digital resources and tools. The aim is to transform education by making educationalists future-ready. 

The platform gives private tutors and coaching institutes their app. The app lets you make online video content, and assessments help manage your tasks and make you reach a thousand students. Over 1 Lakh coaching institutes across 1,100+ Indian cities have successfully set up their online business through apps built by Classplus. 

The app provides you with your own digital identity and lets you grow at a 5x speed. The app has a student base of about 70 lakhs. The huge student base will not only help you earn but also become a national brand.

Classplus is available for both iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Some of the features of Classplus for teachers include

  • Invoicing & Billing 
  • Lesson Notes
  • Attendance tracking
  • Online assignments & tests
  • Online classes
  • Student portals
  • Online payments 
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Udemy is an online platform founded in 2009 that provides you with a platform to share your video courses online and earn money by teaching students all around the world. You are provided with money every time someone buys one of your courses. You can choose to get your monthly payment through Paypal or Payoneer. 

The platform has an active team of instructors that help you with your course creation process and lets you help students around the world up-step their careers, learn new skills, and explore their hobbies. 

The virtual training platform empowers remote teachers and students to connect, helping them learn what they want wherever they are. The tools provided by the platform assist you in creating relevant and impactful learning journeys.

Udemy is available for iPhone, Cloud, Android, and iPad.

Udemy has a built-in course authoring providing you with 

  • Video course creation software
  • Course publishing
  • Quiz/test creation
  • Content import/export
  • Self-paced courses
  • Instructor-led courses


Skillshare was founded in 2010 and since then has been one of the world’s most innovative companies. This immersive learning business solution promises to maximize the engagement, development, and creativity of your workforce. The product designer helps your institution in every step of optimizing, measuring, and building the best-in-class learning program. Make sure your team is always ahead of your competitors by getting exclusive access to the active community of world-class creatives and industry experts. 

Skillshare is a go-to for absolutely every teacher, whether a starter or a pro. The platform shares a community of thousands of teachers from every part of the world and is helping them to bring together their enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise together.  

Skillshare is available for both iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Teaching resources offered by skillshare: 

  • Self-Service Content Curation
  • Built-in Course Authoring
  • Gamification
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Employee Portal
  • Multi-User Collaboration

Open edX

Open edX is a platform that enables teaching institutes from all around the world to provide inspiring experiences in the world of teaching. This single platform enables you to have instructor-led courses, self-paced courses, degree programs, and online campuses. Open edX was founded in 2012. Co-founded by MIT and Harvard, this application allows students to take MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from top-ranked universities.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses for anyone around the world. They provide a flexible and affordable way to deliver inspirational, educational experiences that can up-step your career. 

Open edX is available for both iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Some of the features include:

  • SCORM Compliance
  • Learner Portal
  • Built-In Course Authoring


Teachable was founded in 2013. The platform aims to transform your teaching experience into a knowledgeable business. Build a brand, business, or course in a matter of minutes. It gives you access to every tool you need to sell and create online coaching and courses. The customization tools give your content a unique look to show off. The platform takes care of all your affiliates, payouts, and taxes. 

Teachable is available for both iPhone, iPad, and Android.

grow your coaching business

Some of the features include: 

  • Course Authoring Tools
  • Website builder
  • Different payment options
  • Test/Quiz builder
  • Website Builder
  • Learner Portal
  • Video Conferencing

The Final Word

Online teaching is now becoming the future of the world of education. An online course creation software provides you with the opportunity to connect teachers with students and learners around the world. Platforms like Classplus have come forward and offered a wide range of benefits. The features of the software provide you with the top free tools for course creation which makes course creation a super easy task. Feel free to visit Classplus, India’s best platform to empower teachers, if you want to monetize your skills you can sell your courses online.