How to create Engaging Videos for your Online Courses?

Online learning has become a part of education for students nowadays. Watching recorded lecture videos, doubt clarification live sessions, online assessments, etc. has become common in education. However, the videos should be created in such a way that attracts the students to attend online class and listen to them attentively without getting bored. How can you create such learning videos for conducting online class? This blog will look at some important tips and techniques that will help you create online class video that make learning interesting for your students. 

  • Preparing a Script first!

Teaching everything in a single video isn’t a good idea. So you can prepare a list of important topics and make short videos focusing on each of them, this requires planning and scripting. 

Before starting to create a video, write down the things you are going to cover in today’s session. Make sure you are not adding too much information in a single video. You can even create multiple engaging videos for a topic that requires sharing more information related to it. 

Writing a script before the video creation will help prevent you from deviating from the topic and this makes the students focus more on online learning

  • Prepare the Environment for Online Class

Before starting your recording, make sure you have a pleasant environment around you. Avoid anything that may divert the focus of your students. Using a plain background is recommended instead of sitting before some pictures or photos which may cause your students to lose focus. 

Always make sure that you have a noise-free environment. Attempt to create clear videos as much as possible. Your voice should be clear enough for the students to listen attentively. 

Keep all the things with you that are necessary throughout the session. This prevents you from walking from place to place, which may cause the students to lose their attention during online classes

  • Make Online Class interesting 

Teaching through video courses differs a lot from teaching in a traditional classroom. Instead of using only the words to explain, try some other creative ways to explain. Try to include some real-world examples to make listening more interesting for your students. 

Research on what are the properties you can use to explain or demonstrate concepts. Try to include pictures in your videos that clearly explain the concept. There are plenty of animated videos, graphs, and typography available on the internet which you can add to your online class videos. 

Using the screen sharing feature to demonstrate anything you do on your computer, and to share content from websites also helps the students to listen more.

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  • Editing plays a major role

After completing the recording, make sure to watch your videos thoroughly to find out whether they need any modifications. Make some necessary editing to make your videos look neat. 

Cut out any unnecessary information if you have included, any interruptions that happened during recording and anything that makes the students deviate focus.

Add some logos, images, and video clips to your video to grab their attention. But always ensure that they are related to the topic and are not distracting much. 

There are plenty of video editing tools available to help you edit your videos and sell your courses online. Click here, to know more about them.

  • Invest in the Right Tools

If you are a teacher who wants to make more online learning videos, you have to invest in some right kind of tools instead of simply using mobile phones. 

Investing in tripods, ring lights, some good-quality cameras or camera phones, and mics will help you to make videos of greater quality. These tools are available at affordable prices nowadays and utilizing these tools will make your video courses stand unique. 

  • Engage your Students as much as possible

Instead of one way teaching try to include some questions in between your lectures and make them think. You can also add small quizzes in your videos which may help them to revise the concepts frequently.

At the end of every video, try to give an interesting idea about the next lecture. This makes them eager and they would be waiting for the next online class video

Each student has their own style of listening, learning, and practicing. Don’t forget to ask for frequent feedback. This helps in understanding their expectations and making videos accordingly. 

The drastic shift from traditional to online learning made some improvements in our education system as well as had some challenges. It requires a lot of effort to make online learning fruitful for the students. Engaging video creation is one of the things that require major attention for students to learn effectively. As mentioned above, the videos should be of appropriate length, contain relevant information, have interesting pictures and clips, some engaging activities like quizzes, etc. 

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