Types of classroom communication methods for teachers


Communication is a process where people exchange their thoughts and ideas. Establishing good communication at a young age is a crucial step in developing a child and future learning. The communication skills learned by the student at school are essential across all aspects of life. It has also been noted that a supportive teacher-student relationship positively impacts a student’s achievement. Developing such relationships allows the student to freely discuss their thoughts and ideas with everyone and create an open environment in which questions can be asked without the risk of being judged.

Effective communication helps you build a safe learning environment where the student can thrive, prosper and learn. Here are some top methods to create effective communication in your classroom.

A safe environment

If you want your student to open up and share his/her thoughts and ideas, then you need to create a safe and positive classroom environment where the student feels comfortable. You should create an atmosphere where a student can ask for help without hesitation. A non-judgmental atmosphere should be created in all the stages of your teaching process. 

For example, you can create a policy where the student can talk about anything. This can be a great way to promote good communication skills. You can also give your students some extra time before or after the class if they need some help or if they feel shy to ask questions in class. 

Teamwork promotes communication

Teamwork and team activities are great if you want your students to take the focus off from competing with one another and focus more on working together and getting better results. This will encourage the students to communicate, cooperate and collaborate more. The students will express themselves more with their peers. Teamwork is an important skill as it will be needed in their future lives. For example, you can split the students into pairs or small groups and organize games and quizzes into your lesson plans. 

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Positive feedback

This is quite common for teachers to forget to mention when a child has performed well. Instead, they only focus on the negative aspects, such as bad behavior. This usually demoralizes the student. If you want effective communication in your class, you need to promote effective communication in your classroom. Students who constantly receive praise are likely to believe they can accomplish a task.

Overall, this will increase a student’s confidence and create a supportive environment. You should also tell your students to provide positive feedback to one another which will teach them the importance of gratitude and appreciation. Asking your students for feedback will show them that their opinion matters to you. 

Keep moving around the classroom

You should not stand at the front of the classroom; instead keep moving around the classroom and get involved with the students. You can join them at their desk to discuss ideas or get involved with them in small discussions. This will make them feel more comfortable and will let them open up to you. In addition, you can motivate students who usually don’t speak to participate in classroom discussions by moving close to them.

Some students don’t like to speak aloud in front of the whole class, so by moving close to them your student may raise their voices without any pressure. 

Active listening = Good communication

Incorporate a habit of listening to your students, do not just respond and give an immediate answer. If you want to promote a supportive and caring environment for your students, you need to listen to their problems. For example, don’t get irritated if a student is asking some questions about a topic that has already been taught twice in the class.

Listening to your students will enable you to provide them better assistance and education. Likewise, teach your students the skills of active listening too. This will help them connect with their peers more and improve their ability to understand. 

Final Note

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Creating effective communication between you and your student can be challenging, but it is the most fundamental part of the teaching process. Good classroom communication makes the students feel safe and comfortable where a student will feel able to contribute and share his/her thoughts aloud in front of the whole class.

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