How Do You Record Classes During Online Teaching?


We have always studied traditionally and watched the teachers working on blackboards and desks in the classroom. However, with the advancement of technology and the recent Covid19, the education system has shifted a full 360 degrees. Teachers continue to find the right way to teach students through online teaching. Recording the video sessions for online teaching and sharing them with students have many plus points regarding these fundamental problems. Let us know in detail and master this art of recording classes during online teaching.

Why Should Teachers Record Videos in Classroom

Teachers face significant challenges to keep students engaged during online class, as it has no face-to-face closeness. While some teachers know the primary use of the internet and online courses, many teachers, especially the older generation, are learning it from scratch. Just like live classes have their benefits and issues, recorded videos by the teachers have a great advantage for the students. 

  • It is beneficial for the students who have missed the class 
  • Students can revise the lesson anytime at their own pace
  • Teachers can give an idea of the lesson by sharing the pre-recorded video 
  • A video recorded lesson by the teacher can emphasize more on the interactive session 
  • It saves hours of teaching and helps the students to understand the complex course
  • Teachers can use videos to give their feedback instead of passing through the document

How can Classroom Videos Help Students?

Recreating a traditional classroom does not always work virtually. For example, students and teachers may not have high-speed internet to have live online classes. But today, we have many tools and apps which work amazingly and provide a solution to problems. Pre-recorded videos do the trick of solving such issues. Here is how the classroom videos help students to learn their lessons:

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Boost Focus and Class Engagement

Online classes sometimes bring boredom to students due to constant live lectures. If teachers make pre-recorded videos for the students, it keeps them engaged for a more extended lesson period. When the students are involved with the video lectures, they focus more on class than those who actively take part in the class. 

Students and Peer Collaboration

Videos are given to individuals and groups of students to learn simultaneously and discuss in the class or pass an examination. They also have individual or collaborative assignment submissions. It allows students to help their friends and learn more about teamwork collaboration.

Encourages Independent Learning

Students learn better when they read a lesson and understand it independently. They memorize it when the concept is apparent while reading or listening. In addition, students understand better through video lectures and sometimes submit assignments of creating videos of their own to explain the idea to their peers. Videos help them learn independently, and it improves the student’s memory and learning ability. 

Drives Student’s Future Ready

Students learn from the videos faster than in class because they can listen to them repeatedly. They also know how to create a video, which shows their learning ability which will be a great asset for their future. 

Types of Equipment Needed for Making Classroom Videos

Teaching has always been visual and in-person for years. With the technological enhancement, online teaching have become a common way of learning now. Tools or equipment for the online classroom is needed for the online course.


A good microphone range is one of the essential parts of online teaching. The microphone that you can plug in the USB port directly in your device or computer and take the class. A good microphone will change the quality of the audio and the course environment.

Smart Devices/Cameras

Smartphones and tablets have inbuilt cameras, which are excellent, but a camera or webcam can be more beneficial for an online teaching. For example, it will give a clearer view of the board or the documents that a teacher or student has to show during the course. 


Proper lighting is needed for an online class. External lighting can be a blessing for the teachers to have a reasonable visual discussion in the virtual classes. 


A hand-free set-up is helpful if you use a smartphone, camera, or tablet. It will make your life easier while taking the virtual class. 

How to Record Lectures During Online Teaching 

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You can use any app for online class pre-recording for your computer or smartphone. These apps make your video, and you can put your name and other details on the video. Here are a few steps that you can follow to record classes during online teaching:

  • Download and open the recording application
  • Record an area of the screen or the entire screen
  • Record the video and upload your slides and documents
  • Select the resolution of the video and the sound quality
  • Save the online session
  • Edit before you share the video with your students

To Sum Up

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