Challenges During Online Classes And How To Overcome Them


The education sector is an ever-evolving industry and with the incorporation of technology, it has reached a higher level. The teaching and evaluation process has been shifted primarily online, and partial or complete shift is encouraged in many courses. But there are several challenges during online classes in the online education system which are essential to discuss and solve. Teachers may also struggle with balancing their own personal and professional responsibilities while teaching remotely. Let us discuss these challenges during online classes and how to overcome them in detail.

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List Of Challenges During Online Classes

We know there is a vast difference between in-person and online study modes. During initial stages, learning through virtual training can be a little more complicated than in-person classes. But every problem comes with a solution, so here is the list of challenges during online classes and how teachers can tackle them.

challenges during online classes

Technical Issues

While appearing in online classes, technical challenges during online classes like shutting down or restarting the device or a slow internet connection create problems. Staying in touch with teachers and professors can solve this issue. They can arrange recorded sessions or be flexible about the class.

Solution: One of the simplest solutions to the technical problems being faced during online classes is to check all the required equipment before you start the class or create recorded lectures that can be played offline by the students as per their requirements.

Adopting New Technology

The transition from an actual class to an online class opened many unfamiliar technologies for teachers and students. Using new digital tools for videoconferencing and recorded data helped students learn their lessons faster, but many teachers and not-so-technical students face various challenges during online classes. A technical problem-solving person is always helpful in this situation. 

Solution:  Adopting technology is an important thing with the new trend and getting to know the online learning phase. Teachers can ask for guidance from colleagues and experts and stay updated about the latest technology. Starting with one tool at a time will help them understand better. Collaborating with other teachers and sharing your new ideas with each other will help teachers to adapt to new technology easily.

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Lack of In-person Communication

One of the biggest challenges during online classes was less interaction between instructors and students have been one of the challenging issues. Face-to-face interaction is necessary, but as it is not possible in an online class, there should be some way to solve this problem. Grouping students in smaller batches can keep the interaction steady and motivating. 

Solution: To solve this, teachers can conduct various interactive activities that can increase the participation of students and make the classroom more interactive and engaging. Apart from this teachers can conduct one-on-one sessions with students to fill in the communication gaps. Teachers should know how to create engaging content and keep their students engaged throughout the lecture.

Distraction and Lack of Motivation

Studying or teaching from home can be more distracting than in-person classes. Family issues, small children, or younger siblings can take up time and focus. Building a proper schedule and figuring out a concrete plan for each day can utilize and balance both work and home. 

Solution: In online classes, students get easily distracted and are less motivated to take part in the class. For this teachers can set a few rules that will not allow any distraction during online classes or live lectures such as students must keep their cameras on, and students must sit in a quiet environment. Teachers can keep badges and rewards for student’s achievements such as the most attentive student, highest attendance in class, best responses, and many more to keep them motivated to be attentive and engaged in the class. 

Unorganized and Ineffective Time Management

One of the other challenges during online classes for teachers was time management. Doing study or teaching without a ‘class bell’ is challenging. Additional responsibilities can make teachers and students less organized, creating ineffective time management. The solution is simple. Building a schedule and coursework can help to make time management effective. A positive and organized workspace can save valuable time during online classes

Solution: Time management is one of the biggest challenges during online classes that is faced by both teachers and students. Teachers can prepare schedules for students along with deadlines and encourage them to organize their work and finish it within the deadlines. Teachers can also set daily goals for themselves as well as their students to meet their daily targets and manage time properly.

Motivating Students Is One Of The Major Challenges During Online Classes

motivating students during online classes

Challenges during online classes include keeping students motivated to become more prominent and improving participation in virtual classrooms. Instructors might use creative ways to keep their students motivated and attracted to their online classes. Classes online are problematic for students too. Problems faced by students in online classes are the same as the teachers. That is why age-based communication regarding studying with students can be helpful for teachers to keep the focus on the student.

Solution: To keep your students engaged during lectures, teachers can make the online learning experience interactive and fun, by trying game-based learning, fun activities, quiz, competitions, etc. They can also explain students the importance of group discussions and conduct such interesting discussion for them during lectures.

Keeping Track Of The Progress And Assignments

In a virtual learning environment, the teachers need to understand the students’ problems more efficiently. Instructors need to keep the students engaged in their course materials. Students should get ample time and opportunities for learning. Student attendance, mock interviews, and periodic assignment checks by the teachers can help track the progress of the whole year.

Solution: It is important to keep a track of student’s performance in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses and formulate a better lesson plan for them. This can be done with the help of various apps and performance trackers. One such feature to track students’ progress and assignment is provided by Classplus by helping you to create your own app and track your student’s progress. 

Lack of Technical or Software Knowledge 

All the teachers are not accustomed to computer technical knowledge, and they teach and learn simultaneously. While they know little about software and how to use it, it becomes a problem for the older generation of teachers to follow the guidelines on using devices in virtual classes. Without proper software knowledge, it becomes pretty harassing for teachers to conduct online classes. Keeping more than one device while operating an online class can be helpful for teachers. 

Solution: There are several ways to address a lack of technical or software knowledge, depending on the specific skills and resources available. It can be done through online training and courses, on-job training can be provided by the employer, and through many other ways. 

Less Time in Preparing Course Content Digitally

Teaching online is not as effortless as it looks. Whether the teachers conduct classes from home or the office requires much more arrangement and time. Preparing a digital format of learning materials is time-consuming. Teachers often have to work more to conduct virtual classes to prepare course materials. Less time means unfinished course content, which creates problems while teaching students. Making digital course material according to the syllabus before starting the session can quickly solve this issue. 

Solution:  The solution to this problem is to use resources available online and make the long tedious work easier and faster. This can be solved with the help of various applications such as Maven, FreshLMS, Float, GroupApp, etc. 

Numerical Teaching Problem Virtually

Solving a numerical problem on a blackboard or whiteboard in an in-person class is bliss. However, think about it while in the virtual classroom. Teachers face many problems while writing numerals during video conferencing class, so they have to prepare to google docs, PPTs, or slides to write formulae or rules. 

Solution:  It is difficult to solve numerical problems and make the students understand them in an online class without solving them and just verbally interacting with them. You can use digital whiteboards, and visual screens to solve questions on the screen and teach numerical problems.

Maintaining Discipline in Virtual Classes

The most important goal of teaching students is to make their future bright by providing quality education. While teachers ensure proper discipline for providing the best knowledge in actual classes, online classes are always exceptions. However, in the case of online learning, instructors cannot physically control the safe learning environment. So to ensure discipline, teachers must ensure the class rules prior to the beginning of the online class.

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Solution: Discipline in virtual classes is very difficult to maintain but it can be done with a little effort. Teachers can set clear expectations, visual attendance system, incorporate interactive elements, communicate with parents and guardians, and many more ways that can be used. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the shift to online classes has presented many challenges for teachers. These challenges include difficulties with technology and online platforms, lack of personal interaction with students, and a need to adapt to new teaching methods and strategies. However, by learning, starting small, seeking support, practicing, collaborating, being flexible and getting their own teaching app, teachers can gradually adapt to new technology and overcome these challenges to provide effective and engaging online classes for their students.

Challenges During Online Classes And How To Overcome Them FAQs

Q1. How can teachers overcome challenges online?

A1. Teachers can overcome challenges during online classes with simple tips and tricks such as Creating a schedule and sticking to it, using communication techniques, Creating a productive work environment, and many other ways.

Q2. What is the biggest challenge teachers face during online classes?

A2. The biggest challenge teachers face during online classes is the use of new technology and new teaching tools and platforms.

Q3. How are teachers affected by online learning?

A3. Online learning affected teachers as they were not able to get any verbal or nonverbal feedback from students. Without any feedback, it becomes difficult for teachers to improve their teaching techniques and strategies.

Q4. What are the disadvantages of online classes for teachers? 

A4. The disadvantages for teachers of online classes are lack of feedback, motivation for students, track of the performance of students, and many others. 

Q5. Why is online teaching difficult?

A5. Online teaching creates many hurdles for teachers such as due to lack of physical availability it becomes difficult to create a positive learning environment in the virtual classroom, Lack of feedback reduces the chances of improvement and it slows down growth.