7 Ways Teachers Can Use Telegram For Online Teaching


In the changing era, everything has been shifted to digital mode because of the pandemic like coronavirus that has affected almost all areas of human life including education. Therefore, a need for online education has aroused. Online teachings also require some good online teaching tools where the daily activities of a classroom can be performed like attendance, announcements, material sharing, etc. There are many applications and software that we only use for social networking, but only a few of us are using them for education. Many activities can be carried out through social networking sites, such as telegram, instagram, youtube etc. one of which is web-based collaborative learning.

Therefore, the telegram is an E-Learning tool for teaching and learning that plays an important role in this area. Telegram messenger is a software that is used for communication and messaging. It also offers many possibilities such as sending media files or sending voice messages or video calls. So, telegram is the best online teaching tool where the student and the teacher can interact among them. Some of the useful features of the telegram are:

  • It is a free program.
  • It can be used on various operating systems such as android, iOS, windows, etc.
  • It can be used on mobile devices as well as on desktops. You can also open it through different web browsers. 
  • Downloading only requires a small space
  • It allows you to pin a piece of important information or announcement.
  • All types of the media files can be sent through different parts of the world
  • High encryption system
  • Feature of using multiple telegram accounts in a single device with multiple profile pictures
  • Group that can incorporate thousands of people
  • Modify and delete messages easily
  • Many more features such as telegram bots, auto night mode, mute contacts, groups, etc. 
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The telegram messenger can be used in online teaching in many ways, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Telegram can be used as a mode of communication between the teacher and student. If there is an announcement to be made, you can easily post a message on your telegram class group. Through telegram, you can easily announce the dates of study, schedules, conferences, and seminars as well as dates for the start and end of lessons with the students. 
  2. You can easily send assignments and tasks to the students and the student can share the completed assignment back on telegram. You can also provide e-content for the topic which has been taught in the class. You can send or receive any type of file as downloading only requires a small space. 
  3. There are times when the parents want to communicate with the teacher about their child but are not able to contact the teachers and vice-versa. For this purpose, you can have a separate group with the parents of your students where you can constantly post their level of education and the parent can also solve their queries. 
  4. You can use a pre-learning technique that triggers and reactivates the schema, i.e., existing knowledge of the student which, therefore, increases the interest and awareness of the student to make them ready for a face-to-face online meeting. For example, before the lecture starts, you can post something for them to read so that the students can prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the selected topic.
  5. In telegram it is possible to make groups for each class, each stage, and each course so, you can decide the students into groups within the program if the learning is within the framework of an experimental study. You can also communicate with students from different schools. 
  6. After finishing a topic, you can organize fun quizzes and tests to check the progress of your students. Quizzes and tests can be multiple choice questions as students usually don’t prefer long answers.
  7. Telegram can also be used for whole-class discussions and PowerPoint presentations. You can also send the audio of the feedback you want to provide to any student or a voice note clarifying the doubt of a student. You can also organize a problem-solving activity. It can also be used for speaking practice, writing practice, pronunciation practice, listening practice, etc. 

The Final Word

The learning process should not be limited to the four walls of a classroom rather it should also be extended outside the classroom. Interacting through telegram with students is faster and easier compared to other social networking sites. According to research on messenger applications used in the educational system and the opportunities involved in it, Telegram messenger was selected as it has the widest functionality and the most tools. The guidelines were developed for using telegram as an e-learning tool. As a teacher, you can use the Telegram messenger to serve your teaching materials to your students to achieve the greatest benefits in the educational system. Get on the platform like Classplus to get a better understanding of selling your courses online.