10 Ways Teachers Can Earn Extra Income


At present, the education sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Moreover, research shows that it will grow even more in the coming years, which means teachers will be in high demand. We know teachers might not need a second job, but it’s not the case for many. During COVID, many teachers lost their jobs, and without a side income, they faced many financial problems. So if you are a teacher with a low income, it is essential to have a side hustle for a better living. 

Why is Extra Money for Teachers Important?

Whether you have a full time or part-time teaching job, you may find it necessary to have a side income besides teaching at school or an institution. Teachers get a lot of free time and vacation throughout the year. They can utilise that time and the evenings for their extra income. Some of the reasons why extra income is essential for the teachers are

  • They want to pay utilities in a better way.
  • They want to use spare time and turn it into a second income
  • They need extra money for vacation or rental

There can be several reasons for thinking of extra cash-on-hand for the teachers, and nowadays, they have various ways to get some additional money with some extra effort.

10 Ways Teachers Can Earn Extra Income

  • Private Tuition

Apart from teaching, private tuition is the following rewarding way to work with students. By giving private tuition to the students, you can help them master teamwork while making money in their spare time. You can also consider pursuing a coaching role at the school or local youth society. 

  • Online Coaching

If you are devoted to a particular subject or topic and want to make extra income, monetising your passion through online coaching is one of the best ways to consider. You can share your knowledge and manage classes virtually. You will have to pick a niche topic for your passion for online coaching. It would help if you thought you don’t need to be a good expert, but you must know the subject end-to-end and above-average people. Outline your Class and how you want to conduct it. This is an excellent side job aligned with your profession. 

  • Offer Online Skill Courses

Teachers can share their expertise through teaching by creating online skill courses. If you have any advanced knowledge on any subject, you can join any educational platform to share your knowledge through your system. You can communicate through skill courses from art to cooking, anything and everything. From beginners to advanced level, you can make a good amount of extra money. 

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  • Write an E-Book

If you love to write, then writing an e-book can help you make a side income apart from your teaching job. You can become an e-book author by simply putting your idea on a word document, creating a table of content with a book cover and publishing it on an online platform. 

  • Market Your Teaching Resources 

If you are a seasoned teacher, you will have some valuable notes for your students year after year. These materials never let a teacher down, so use them to share systematically and earn money. You can use them as Library Teaching Resources made by real-life teachers. If you have a good stock of resources, share them online for an excellent way of a second income. 

  • Joining Teaching Abroad Program

When you have a great degree and vast knowledge of a subject, you can join a platform abroad for teaching students of that country. This will make your teaching skill globally acclaimed and give you a great source of passive income. 

  • Get to Work as an Admin Support System

Admin support roles are perfect for teachers who love to plan and want to do something other than teaching. Making arrangements for meetings, booking engagements, or even drafting emails can be a great way to focus on something other than teaching and get paid quickly. 

  • Become A Virtual Assistant

If you are a teacher and have a passion for being organised and punctual, then becoming a virtual assistant in your spare time will give you a good solution for side income. If you can handle your time efficiently, you can work as a virtual assistant for a company or someone with a busy schedule. A teacher can easily apply their skill of managing time and organising work for a virtual assistant position. In addition, teachers can sell free time they are not teaching to make some extra cash. 

  • Online Surveys

Online survey making is a trendy side job along with great benefits. You can make cash without spending a lot of time in this job. Instead, you can use your little spare window time and make it a way to earn some extra cash.

  • Earn Through your Hobbies
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Besides being a teacher, if you have a hobby that you can showcase and even teach, this can be one of the finest ways to fulfill your dream of earning a second income. So play a role other than a subject teacher and have a great time nourishing your hobby as an income. 

To Sum Up

One of the great ways to do anything among these ten options through a platform like Classplus is an easy option. Here you can customize your app as per your need and preference or even merge your teaching with your passive income. So try out this new venture and enjoy your second income as a teacher.