What is an e-course? How to create an e-course?

As technology is reshaping everything, education is not left behind. It has brought so many changes leaving us to wonder what is an e-course? As a content creator or a teacher or someone who wants to know about online teaching, we will cover everything. In this blog we will discuss what is an e-course and how to create an e-course

What is an e-course?

What is an e-course? An e-course is also known by the name; online course. It is any lesson taught in an online mode. An e-course may include pre-recorded lectures or live classroom sessions conducted through video conferencing. 

Your e-learning courses can consist of videos, text lectures, interactive mediums, and assessments to track progress which you think will be helpful for your students or audience.

Having your own app makes selling an e-course easier. It gives customers easy access to your content and makes learning more engaging. With features marketing dashboard, simple payment process, creating test series etc. an app can make your e-course more user-friendly and boost sales.

Benefits of an e-course

Now that we know what is an e-course it is time to know about the benefits it has to offer. When you decide to build an e-course the most important thing is to consider the benefits that it will offer you. So, let us discuss a few benefits of getting an e-course. 

  • E-courses serve a broad range of learners, from elementary school kids to adults.
  • You get a comfortable learning environment because students can access your courses from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Learners can progress at their own pace. 
  • People enroll in e-courses for various reasons:
    – To learn or develop a new hobby.
    – Acquire or upgrade their skills.
    – Supplement their regular studies.
    – To enhance job prospects or career growth.

How to create an e-course?

What is an e-course? It is not a difficult task to create an e-course online. One just has to put in the right efforts. With the right efforts and guidance, anyone can understand this process of how to build an e-course and the rewards can be incredibly fulfilling. 

Teachers worldwide are now metamorphosing their teaching process to suit a larger audience. E learning courses have helped teachers realize their passion for teaching while earning good revenue from this system. Let us see how to create an e-course.

  1. Begin by identifying your area of expertise. Establish a niche for your e-learning courses where your knowledge and skills can shine the brightest.
  2. Clearly outline what learners will gain from your course. This will help your audience to understand whether this e-course will be helpful for them or not. 
  3. On the basis of your defined learning objectives, create a comprehensive plan for your course content. This plan will act as your roadmap during the course development process.
  4. The next important step is to structure your course. You can break down your course into smaller, digestible modules. This will make the learning process easier for your students and learners across the globe. 
  5. Finally, decide a price for your e-course that reflects the value of your course while also considering the market and your target audience.

Different types of e-courses?

1. Pr-sell courses

These are courses that are sold before they are finished. The goal is to evaluate course content demand before investing important time and resources in course development. Pre-selling a course also enables creators to adjust content based on the feedback they have received from early students. 

2. Hybrid courses

Hybrid courses blend online and in-person learning. Part of the course is online, which you can do anytime and anywhere. The other part involves live sessions, where you interact with your teacher and classmates. So, you get the flexibility of learning at your own pace while still having interactive discussions. It’s a great mix for those who enjoy varied learning styles!

3. Certification courses

Those e-courses that offer a certification at the end of its completion are certification courses. With the help of a certificate it ensures that the learner has gained specific skills and knowledge in a particular field or stream. 

Launching a certification course can be very helpful for both learners and educators as it is highly in demand and people will likely to get themselves enrolled in your course if they find it helpful and useful. 

4. Mini courses

These courses are designed in a way to deliver the content in small parts or lessons. It makes it easier for the learners to understand the concept easily. 

5. Self paced courses

Learners in self-paced courses access pre-recorded lessons and resources and complete the course at their own speed. These courses are popular among those who are working professionals, have irregular schedules, and anyone who wishes to learn at their own pace. 

How to sell an e-course?

When it comes to selling your e-courses, you have to be prepared to face tough competition. Creating an online system is far easier than selling courses. You have to promote it in every possible place and possible way. Let us list some ways for you to digitally market your e-courses.

  • Social media marketing is the proven best method for selling your e-learning courses.
  • If you have a website or a blog, promote your e-courses there.
  • Take the help of Google ads and Facebook ads to market your course.
  • Ask your existing student to give referrals.
  • Conduct free webinars and let your audience know about your expertise.
  • Give out free demo classes.
  • Last but not least, brand yourself.
  • Optimize your e-course content and website for relevant keywords to improve your visibility in search engine results.

Selling an e-course definitely requires a lot of time and effort, but with the right strategies, you can successfully attract and engage potential students, resulting in driving sales and achieving your business goals.


We’ve covered everything from what is an e-course to how to make one. With online education exploding like never before, now is the time to jump on top. All you need is your knowledge, a bit of imagination, and a bit of commitment. So go ahead and create an e-course online and share your knowledge with the world. Happy teaching!

What is an e-course FAQs

Q1. What is an e-course?

A1. An e-course is an online learning experience where students can study a specific subject or skill at their own pace.

Q2. Who can create an e-course?

A2. Anyone with expertise in a specific area or subject can create an e-course.

Q3. How do I choose a topic for my e-course?

A3. Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about. Do market research about the most in-demand topic and then choose a topic. 

Q4. How can I sell my e-course?

A4. There are many ways to sell an e-course such as, through your website, social media, email marketing, SEO, webinars, affiliate marketing, and collaborations with influencers etc. 

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