What is an e-Course? How to create and sell it?

 E-learning courses are getting more popular day by day. The e-course online market is a multi-million industry. If you want to learn all about techniques and how to create a course and sell them, you are at the right place.

What is an e-Course?

An e-course is also called an online course, and it is any lesson taught in an online mode. It may include pre-recorded lectures or live classroom sessions conducted through video conferencing. Your e-learning courses will consist of videos and text lectures, which you think will be helpful for your audience. You can start your learning program as an affiliation with an institute or as a private tutorial.

Benefits of online course 

The online course caters to students of all ages, right from the primary level to adults. The potential of e-course is unlimited. One can teach students from all over the world. e-courses are not bounded by geography. Further, students prefer e-courses as they can learn at their own pace and from the comforts of their homes. Learners take to e-course online for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to upgrade their skills, while others want to develop and learn a hobby. Younger students wish to help with their studies, and adults look to enhance their job possibilities.

How to create an e-Course?

It is not difficult to create a course online. One just has to put in the right effort. Teachers worldwide are now metamorphosing their teaching process to suit a larger audience. Online courses have helped teachers realize their passion for teaching while earning good revenue from their systems. Let us see how you can foray into the e-course online industry.

Some of the key elements to keep in mind while creating best-selling e-courses –

  •  Narrow in your expertise and plan to establish niche e-learning courses.
  • Clearly define the learning objectives of your online study.
  • Create an agenda and decide on your course content according to your learning objectives.
  • Divide your course structure into Mini modules 
  • Decide on the price of your e-course.

Finding the right subject for your online course is the most critical factor in creating a prosperous e-course online. However, you have to keep in mind other elements, such as the suitable learning model for your students, whether you are going to upload recorded videos of your lectures or you are going to conduct live online sessions. On what platform are you deciding to deliver your online course? 

You have to first analyze and do some research on your chosen subject. You then have to design and develop your e-learning course. The good news is that you do not have to do all of this by yourself. Technology is our friend and will lend us a helping hand throughout the process. 

Classplus, for example, can be of great help to you. A customized solution that caters to your needs just the way you want. Whatever be your learning model, you can now create your online course on your platform.

How to sell an e-Course?

You have to be prepared to face tough competition while marketing your online course. Creating an online system is far easier than selling courses. You have to promote it in every possible place and possible way. Let us list some ways for you to digitally market your e-course.

  • Social media marketing is the proven best method for selling courses.
  • If you have a website or a blog, promote your e-courses there.
  • Take the help of Google and Facebook ads to market your course.
  • Ask your existing student to give referrals.
  • Post free webinars and let your audience know about your expertise.
  • Give out free demo classes.
  • Last but not least, brand yourself.
grow your coaching business

Branding your online course can transfer your course from popular to the league of the best-selling ones. Classplus helps you in selling courses online by creating a brand for you. It lends authenticity to your online course, and as a result, you can attract more students.  

The bottom line is that online learning is here to stay and make huge money. The earlier you foray into this business, the better chunk of pie you get. However, one cannot create a course on a whim. Get connected with Classplus and get your own app for online teaching. We provide exclusive features made just for you. Plan and be prepared to create and sell your online courses now!

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