How To Grow Your Teaching Business With Google Ads

grow your teaching business with Google ads

Are you looking for a guide to advertise and grow your teaching business with Google ads? Here is the best guide for you to use Google ads and take your business to new heights. Let us begin!

Google Ads is an advertising platform where businesses may build and show ads to website visitors. It enables advertisers to select particular demographics and keywords to target as well as a budget for their advertising campaigns. Advertising through Google ads is the best decision you can make to boost the performance and reach of your business.

Why Choose Google Ads?

The Google Ads dashboard allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. It provides information on the number of clicks and impressions your ads have received as well as your overall return on investment. Additionally, you may modify your campaign at any moment to change your targeting, spending limit, or ad content.

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How does the Google Ads Process Work to Expand Your Business?

When you begin with advertising on Google you must follow these steps. 

  • First, you develop an ad campaign for a particular offer
  • Then you specify which Google searches you want your ad to show up for. This is done by placing bids on keywords that apply to your advertisement
  • If a user searches for a keyword that you used and your ad appears on the search engine results page and the user clicks on the ad then you will be charged for it. Here a new term originates; pay-per-click advertising

Pay Per Click : whenever you run an advertisement and a user clicks on your ad then you pay for every click on that particular ad, this is pay per click advertising.

Top Ways to Grow your Teaching Business with Google Ads

1. Keyword Optimization

There are different types of keywords to focus upon:

Branded Keywords

A keyword that includes the name of your brand is a branded keyword. This is the most powerful weapon/keyword to grow your teaching business with Google ads. The CTR of these phrasal keywords is very high. To know what type of branded keywords you can use, make a random Google search of your brand and take keywords from the suggestions that Google makes. These suggestions appear because people have searched for them earlier, so these are the most generic and effective branded keywords for you to grow with Google ads.

Generic Keywords

Generic keywords or short-tail keywords are more generalized search results that only contain one or two words. Due to the fact that more people use them when browsing the web, they are typically more competitive and have a greater search traffic. These are very unspecified keywords which your users search and have a very broad reach. 

Pro tip: You can use both branded and generic keywords together to maximize your search results. 

Competitor Keywords

The keywords which your competitors use to boost their search results and performance are competitor’s keywords. Using these keywords will help you increase your position and appear on the same search engine result pages.

To improve your searches for competitors keywords you just need to follow few steps:

  • Find your competitors
  • Use an organic research tool to search your competitors position 
  • Collect all the keywords they are using 
  • Arrange them in order and review which keywords you can use 
  • Run analysis of the selected keywords to know which one will work better for you
  • Focus on the ones which have low competition, as high competition keywords are difficult to target

Tips for using keywords for better results

  • Use keywords in phrasal form
  • Make use of different keywords to deliver the same message
  • Use google analytics to select the best keyword to engage more people
  • Use variations

2. Grow your Teaching Business with Google Ads With Custom Audience 

The group of people selected by a company as possible clients based on information the company gathered about them are known as custom audience in Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). This is the best bunch of audience to grow your teaching business with Google ads and can be made in a variety of methods, such as by uploading a list of phone numbers or email addresses, utilizing information from a company’s website, or using information from a mobile app.

Custom audiences target advertisements more precisely once built. For instance, a company might use a custom audience to generate a “lookalike” crowd, which is a collection of people who have the demographics, hobbies, and other traits of the custom audience. This could benefit the company.

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3. Running Video Ads 

To meet your brand awareness goals and grow your teaching business with Google ads, running video ads is the best option. It is a bit complicated, but understanding the process will help you reach your potential audience.

Why run video ads on Google?

  • If you run video ads you have maximum chances of converting leads into sales.
  • Users watch explainer videos (rather than reading) to get more information
  • Video ads are effective and convincing for audience to buy the product or services provided by you
  • When a viewer finds a video ad to be useful they share it to others which is a form of personal endorsement

Video ads on Google run for different timings, such as:

  • 6 second videos: used to remind your audience about your coaching center or product/services you sell etc.
  • 15 second videos: in which you explain about your product in simplest form
  • 30 second videos: using these videos you educate your viewers/customers about what you do, service you provide, testimonials in long formats etc.

So now you know what type of videos you must run to grow your teaching business with Google ads!

4. Performance Max Campaign

In Google Ads, the Performance Max campaign type employs machine learning to improve the performance of advertising campaigns. It examines data from previous advertising campaigns to find trends linked to good results, and then modifies the campaign’s targeting, bid, and budget parameters to maximize its performance.

Both search and display ad campaigns can use Performance Max campaigns. The Google Ads interface may create Performance Max campaigns.

They are especially helpful for companies who wish to leverage their web advertising to get certain results like sales or leads.

5. Placements 

Placements in Google Advertising are the specific places where ads may appear. These may include particular search results pages on Google Search, apps, websites, and videos on the Google Display Network. Businesses can specify the locations where their ads will appear when setting up a Google Ads campaign.

This can be achieved by choosing particular placements, or by focusing on certain target markets or key phrases.

For a business, there are different types of placements to consider, such as:

  • Automatic Placements 

The placements chosen by Google ads based on targeting the setting of the campaign are automatic placements.

  • Manual Placements 

The placements selected by business and added to the campaigns are manual placements.

  • Excluded Placements

As the name suggests, businesses do not want their ads to appear on specific websites or pages.

As they enable businesses to target particular groups and guarantee that their advertisements display in the right places, placements can be a crucial component to grow your teaching business with Google Ads campaigns. Businesses may maximize the likelihood that the right people will see their advertisements and that they will get the desired results by carefully choosing and targeting placements.

The Final Note

To conclude, Google Ads is a useful tool for companies of all sizes seeking to advertise online, reach their target market, and generate business outcomes. It can be a successful approach to connect with potential clients and expand a company’s online presence with the correct plans and tactics. As a beginner, you must consider the above mentioned points to grow your teaching business with Google ads.

Tips To Grow Your Teaching Business With Google Ads And Get More Students FAQs

Q1. What are Google ads?

A1. An online advertising platform that allows businesses to reach potential customers on the Google Search

Q2. How does Google ads work?

A2. Google Ads works by showing ads to people who are searching for specific keywords or who are visiting websites or apps that are part of the Google Display Network. 

Q3. What types of campaigns can you create to grow your teaching business with Google ads?

A3. There are different campaign types available to grow with Google ads, which includes searches, display, videos and shopping. Each and every campaign type is designed for a specific purpose.

Q4. Is it possible to track the results of a campaign using Google ads?

A4. Yes, you can easily track the result of a campaign as Google ads provide a variety of data and analysis to track the performance of your ad campaigns.

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