How To Increase Your Pageviews Using Facebook Ads

Are you looking for the best ways to create Facebook ads to grow your business? Despite all the efforts, you are still seeing very less lead generation? Luckily, you have arrived at the right place to know about how you can use Facebook ads to grow your business.

In this blog, we will be talking about top 6 tactics to run successful Facebook ads to grow your business more effectively and economically. Let us begin!

Top 6 Ways To Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business

Communication is the key

The most important aspect of the Facebook advertising process is communication. It helps you to persuade and remind your customers what you are offering to them. If you are preparing to start Facebook ads then it is important for you to understand how well you can communicate with your audience. Good communication is important because it ensures that you will produce leads and prospects. Moreover, good communication offers other benefits such as:

  • Improves customer service 
  • Ensures transparency
  • Increases chance for more referrals
  • Helps your business to stay organized 

Choosing the right audience for Facebook ads to grow your business

Targeting the audience properly for Facebook ads to grow your business will help you get maximum conversions. Proper targeting helps to improve the effectiveness of the campaign that you are running for the target audience. There are different types of audience to target, let us discuss in detail:

  • Core Audience
    This is the best bunch of audience who are more likely to be interested in your business. These are the type of audience who are targeted on the basis of different criteria, such as:
  1. Demographics
  2. Connections
  3. Locations
  4. Behavior
  5. Recommendations 

With the help of data that Facebook ads offer to grow your business, you can reach out to high quality leads with proper core audience targeting. 

  • Custom Audience
    The concept of custom audience for Facebook ads to grow your business is that you target a particular group instead of targeting the whole group of audience available on Facebook ads platform. For example, you can also target those who have visited your website earlier or come under the top 25% of website visitors according to your records or those who have clicked on the CTA button provided on your website.
  • Look-alike Audience
    This group of audience is targeted based on the interest similar to your core audience and are already aware about your business. The best thing about lookalike audiences is that they have the highest chances of getting converted through Facebook ads to grow your business.

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Experiment with CTA button

One of the most important considerations of Facebook advertising is the CTA button that plays a very important role in getting you your potential customers. Having an action packed CTA button will help you in the longer run. It helps your customers to identify what to do next and how to proceed. 

  • To make your CTA button look catchy, try to play with color themes and add an attractive background to grab attention. 
  • Do not make the size of the button too large or too small, rather make it convenient and clear. 
  • Using different colors and different shapes for your CTA button will be very helpful. 
  • A good CTA button has the power to boost the success of your digital marketing. A CTA button is the cherry on top for Facebook ads to grow your business which no one should ignore.

It’s good to be experimental while designing your CTA button. Here are few examples for CTA button, such as 

  • Learn now (For branding)
  • Get offer 
  • Download now (For app)
  • Click now!
  • Connect now
  • Talk to us!
  • Chat with us!
  • Take a demo!

Choose your goals wisely for Facebook ads! 

While planning to run Facebook ads to grow your business, always identify your goals wisely.
For example, if you have an app then you will run an ‘install app campaign’ . On the other hand, if you own an app as well as an offline coaching then there will be a ‘lead generation campaign’. The objective should be clear to make sales easy for you.

Understand different stages of the campaign

When a campaign is run on Facebook, it has to go through several stages. There are mainly three important stages to understand. These stages are discussed below.

Learning phase

A campaign learns when in the learning stage. In the learning stage your campaign is trying to figure out the kind of audience you wish to target and the best ways to deliver it to them. This phase helps to optimize the ads you wish to run.

Limited phase

If your ad set is not generating enough leads to exit the learning phase, it enters a limited phase. This occurs when your ad set is limited by the audience size, budget and other settings that you have made. In this case, you can make some changes to your ad set to improve the performance and exit the limited phase. 

Active phase

Facebook can better decide who to show your ads to and who is more likely to take the objective and optimization event you’ve selected at the campaign and ad set levels once you exit the learning phase and your ad set delivery status turns to active phase.

It is also very important to understand that the campaign should not stay in the learning stage for long and it should get converted into an active stage otherwise there are high chances that you lose your money.

Pro tip: To exit the learning phase, you must get 50+ leads in 7 days. So, keep a track!

Run A/B Testing For Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business

The best way to improve your Facebook ads to grow your business is by running A/B testing. After following all the steps mentioned above make sure to run a split test. Running split Facebook ads means creating different variations for the similar kind of an ad. This will help you to identify which ad is working the best and which is not. You can compare it on the basis of number of likes, comments, shares, leads, conversions etc.

The Final Word

The best way to launch a successful campaign on Facebook and grow your business more effectively and economically is by understanding what your audience wants from you. The features and policies to run Facebook ads will keep on changing but the value of understanding your potential customers will remain the same and help you in longer run. These are the best tips to use Facebook ads to grow your business more effectively and economically. Hope these tips will help you!

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How To Increase Your Pageviews Using Facebook Ads FAQs

Q1. What is the best strategy for Facebook ads?

A1. The best strategies for successful Facebook ads to grow your business are:
– High quality ads/content
– Try different types of ads format
– Creative landing pages
– Personalize ads to the audience
– Select your audience carefully 

Q2. What is Facebook advertising?

A2. When you promote a business or any brand on Facebook it is called Facebook advertising

Q3. What are the do’s of Facebook ads to grow your business?

A3. The do’s of Facebook ads to grow your business and to boost your performance are:
Setting up the right budget
Using the CTA button creatively and correctly
Filtering your audience properly
Proofreading your campaign before publishing etc.

Q4. What are the don’ts of the Facebook ads?

A4. Never overdose your campaign with a lot of text, keep your campaign short, crisp and to the point, do not ignore mobile users, do not put your campaign on auto pilot mode.