How Does Feedback Play An Important Role In Online Teaching?

Apart from teaching the lessons, conducting assessments, and evaluating each student’s performance, a teacher should know how to interact effectively with his/her students. Active interaction between the students and teachers helps in improving a lot of things. Collecting feedback in online teaching would help a teacher to analyze the method of their teaching. By doing this they will find ways to improve it, better engage with students, and more. Feedback plays a very crucial role when it comes to online teaching. 

Feedback in online teaching is equally important for both teachers and students. Online education has drastically changed the ways of teaching and learning. Teachers must give feedback to their students so that they keep learning and improve with time. But at the same time, it is important for teachers to get feedback from students so that they can improve their teaching strategies and teach better than before.

Why is feedback important for online teaching?

In a traditional classroom, where you can interact with your students face-to-face, it is easy to gather feedback from them. You can simply observe every student’s behavior, how actively they respond to your questions. How attentively they listen, etc., and get to know how to improve your teaching. 

However, when it comes to online education market, you don’t get a chance to see your students all the time. Most of the time, you will be making them learn through your recorded videos. Unless you ask for feedback, you wouldn’t know whether your videos need any improvement or not.

Online learning includes a lot of things other than teaching. You should make sure that the video quality, audio quality, method of teaching, speed of teaching, etc., are comfortable for the students. This is why feedback in online teaching is important. 

How To Get Feedback From Students In Online Teaching

Focus Groups 

The best way to get feedback in online teaching from students is by having an end-year focus group. This focus group will discuss all the year and will have to discuss all they learned. They can give their feedback in the form of voice notes in one recorder as students. And that can be used to make up the conclusion.


You can create a questionnaire and pass it on to the students and parents for feedback through google forms and ask questions like 

  • What do the students like about the teaching style?
  • What all activities can be planned in the class to engage more 
  • What is the most liked practice in class?
  • What do we need to change?

Anonymous notes

Some students don’t feel comfortable asking questions or even criticizing something or someone on the face. Asking them to write anonymous notes and leave them in a box can help them to raise their queries and even give feedback. It is a great way to get as many possible responses.

Benefits Of Feedback In Online Teaching

To know their motivation

Asking a few students before starting to teach will help to know the motivation level snd their mindset. If the students are motivated, they will listen to your lecture more effectively. So, checking the level of motivation before teaching and providing enough motivation to learn is important feedback in online teaching. This would also help you to know the learning interests of your students. 

This kind of feedback would help you design learning activities that match the common interests of your students. Students would find it more engaging and confident if they learn according to their learning interests. In this way, students would learn more, and they don’t feel learning is so stressful.

To know how to improve online teaching

Getting feedback in online teaching every student has a different potential to learn. Every teacher has a different style of teaching. Your way of teaching would be interesting to a few students. Some students may find it difficult to cope with the speed of your teaching. You cannot identify whether every student is comfortable with your teaching from the first-ever video itself. Then how could you know whether your students are okay with your online teaching?

After uploading a few videos, conduct a feedback session in online teaching where all students are given a chance to open up their views on your teaching. You can give them a feedback form where you ask a few questions about your teaching. The students are asked to answer them. By doing so, you will be able to learn whether your teaching needs any improvement. This will lead to upgrading your online teaching. 

To identify the knowledge of your students

When you are about to start a series of videos about a specific topic, it is better to ask some questions to your students first. This helps you to know the knowledge of your students on that specific topic. By knowing that, you can plan how deeply you have to make the learning videos. 

For example, if you are well aware of a specific topic. You can cover that topic in a minimum number of videos without elaborating much. If your students are not that aware of that topic, you can spend more time and record some extra videos.

To know the difficulties of your students in online learning

Since online teaching is drastically shifting the way of learning, not every student would find it easy to transform their learning. Still, there would be some students who find it difficult to learn things online. It is not sure whether they are given a chance to speak up about the struggles and difficulties they face. This may affect their academic performance unless it is addressed soon.

Collecting feedback in online teaching and giving feedback in creative way would let you know whether your students face any difficulty with it. If so, you can analyze the different solutions and make your students learn comfortably online. 

Final Thoughts 

Teachers who gather feedback from their students and try to make the suggested improvements are known to upgrade their teaching to the next higher level. Feedback helps both the teachers and students to benefit from online learning.

Teachers would find the best way to teach effectively. Students would get the most suitable way of teaching from their teachers. Which collectively leads to successful online learning and teaching. We at Classplus help teachers to hold all their work regarding their online classes in their own app. We help them find solutions to all their problems.

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FAQs For How Does Feedback Play An Important Role In Online Teaching?

Q1. What is the importance of feedback in teaching?

A1. Feedback gives an analysis of the understanding and skill knowledge of the person and gives the space to improve.

Q2. What is feedback? Why is it important?

A2. Feedback is a tool that gives an evaluation of people’s work and knowledge, giving them scope for improvement and enhancing their learning. It is important to improve and appreciate someone.

Q3.How does feedback improve performance?

A3. Feedback improves performance by first telling the areas that need improvement, and then it acts as a motivator and encourages the person to perform better. Feedback also gives positive encouragement by appreciating the efforts of the person and their achievements.

Q4. What are the benefits of positive feedback?

A4. The benefits of positive feedback are that it helps the person understand their skills and talents. It encourages them, boosts their confidence, and values their efforts.

Q5. What is the importance of feedback in effective communication?

A5. The importance of feedback in effective communication is that it informs the sender whether the communication sent has been correctly received by the receiver or not. The feedback tells whether the receiver understood the message exactly as the sender intended or not, making it clear whether the communication was effective or not.