Online Education Market In India

As India’s technology develops, significant advances are being made in online education. Thanks to the low-cost data revolution and digital push, access to the internet has become more accessible and inclusive. In 2019, for the first time, rural internet users outnumbered urban ones. Among rural internet users, 58 percent were between 16 and 29 during the first quarter of 2019, which indicates a high demand demographic for online education in India.

Although rural areas have more internet users than urban ones, there is still significant potential for rural growth. While internet density is increasing across India, over 70% of rural residents still do not have access to the internet 3. India has 66 percent of its population living in rural areas, but internet density is only 25 percent. This contrasts with the urban population, which has an average of almost 98 percent internet density. As more people have internet access, the overall internet population will increase over time. Online education is growing because of India’s rapid internet growth, both in urban and rural areas.

Internet penetration

India has a 50 percent internet penetration. There will be 735 million internet users by 2021 in India. This will result in an increase in traffic to online education providers.


Online courses at UG and PG levels are more affordable than traditional programs. Students save on tuition, accommodation, and travel expenses because they can complete the course at their own pace and from home. Many credential courses are offered at no cost, and Udemy has prices as low as USD 11.99.


Nearly 46 percent of India’s population is between 15 and 40 8. Online education is an attractive option for this younger market as they are more accepting of online learning than older groups. Also, the cost is lower and is more appealing to price-sensitive customers.

There is a growing demand for certificate courses because of the desire to upskill and reskill. The number of students who pursue online education has increased six-fold between 2015 and 2018. More than 70% of these students enrolled in online education to learn a new skill and expand their job opportunities. Current employees find online education attractive because it allows them to learn new skills while not interrupting their work schedules.

Online courses in India are becoming more popular and there are many resources available to help make the online learning experience even better and more accessible than traditional classrooms. Classplus is here to help you create your own online presence by creating your own app.

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Adoption of MOOCs in India

  1. Students are using many MOOCs to complement traditional higher education. Nearly 40% of Indian MOOC students also have traditional degrees 11.
  2. There is a split between these students between those enrolled in undergraduate programs and those enrolled in graduate programs. MOOCs can help students broaden or enhance their course options and prepare them for exams.
  3. Many Indian MOOC students enroll in courses to improve their skills or learn new skills to get a job. These courses are increasingly being used to provide professional training and are well-suited to niche knowledge areas due to their wide range of options and low-time investment.

Future of Online Education

According to current trends, there is a positive outlook for the online higher studies market. Online classrooms could also be more popular as they combine the convenience of online learning with traditional classroom experiences. Online education is becoming more practical with hybrid and virtual models.

Due to various policy initiatives and changing consumer preferences, the EdTech market in India is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. These changes may be permanent in the education sector. Online learning could become a permanent option rather than a temporary solution. Now you can get your own online coaching app in less than a minute with the most easiest way with Classplus.

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