How Can Teachers Give Feedback Creatively?

When it comes to feedback, we often first think it must be negative or discouraging. We often don’t take it as positive or encouraging in the first place. So, it becomes necessary for teachers to give feedback to students in a good manner with a positive tone. Teachers must know that constructive feedback can do wonders in enhancing a student’s overall performance. It offers students proof of what’s correct and incorrect about their work. The powerful feedback is clear and considers motivation. Constructive feedback allows for many positive opportunities. Here are listed tips for teachers to give feedback creatively. Before that, let’s quickly take a glimpse at the importance of giving feedback to students

  • It helps in improving the performance of the students.
  • It helps in clarifying the objectives and being able to master the topic more effectively. 
  • Students get able to develop new strategies, which lead them to better outcomes. 
  • It helps in determining one’s strengths and weaknesses. 
How can teachers give feedback creatively

Giving Feedback Creatively

Be Clear and Specific 

It is important to be clear and specific with your feedback. If not, students will not be able to know in what terms they need to improve. Let’s take an example if your student has given the presentation in class and at the end, you say, “It was a wonderful presentation,” or if you don’t like it, you say, “you can do better.” In both cases, he/she doesn’t know what they did right or what they did wrong. Take the time to provide students with clear and specific feedback on what exactly they did well and what may still need improvement.

Feedback should be encouraging and motivating 

We often see teachers mocking students in front of the whole classroom, which makes students feel shattered and demotivated. After the class period, brilliant students tease or bully weaker students, and as a result, they feel discouraged. For this, you as a teacher must create a positive and encouraging environment for them. If a student fails to answer, don’t mock or make them feel stupid for their answer. 

You should encourage and tell them ways to improve. And instead of circling each mistake withinside the sheet and lowering the student morale. You can inform them how they can enhance and advise associated books. This brings confidence to students. If possible, give time to each of your students to discuss their progress and will give the student a chance to ask questions. Furthermore, they will be able to identify their weaknesses and will work on them more effectively. 

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 Feedback should be provided at every step of the process

Teachers often give feedback at the last step or completion of the task. But it is necessary to offer feedback at every step of the process, which helps students to develop new strategies and pivot their work at the moment. During the creation process, if the teacher tells what to do or what to change, it makes it easier for students to put their suggestions into practice right away and do the project with fewer errors. 

Don’t wait too long to give feedback

Sometimes, teachers delay giving feedback because of which there are chances of repeating the same mistake by the student. It is not only about identifying mistakes and telling them to make them understand and suggesting ways to improve at the right time. So, they can connect feedback and bring it into action positively at the right time. 

Allow students to respond to feedback

After giving feedback, students must have some questions to ask. For that, let your students know that you are happy to answer any questions that they have. Tell them don’t be shy to ask a question even if they think it’s stupid. Just allow them to speak and ask their questions. If any student wants to talk individually, tell them you will be happy and fine to talk to them. You could say, “I will be available to talk to you after class if anyone has any doubt.” You can also help students by recommending some good reference books also. 

To Wrap Up

When teachers give feedback to students in an effective and timely manner, it will surely bring change in students leading to holistic development. As a teacher, you should remember that feedback goes both ways, and you should also take feedback from your students as it is wise to never stop improving and honing your skills as a teacher. 

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