5 Most Popular types of course content in 2024

You have prepared everything right up for creating an online course. You chose the topic and made preparations for it by spending so many days and nights. Then what’s next? Of course, creating a course out of it. However, how are you going to have the content of that course? You would face a lot of confusion when you come to this stage. This blog will help you on choosing the type of course content that is best for learning in 2022.

Points to consider before choosing a content type

Online creators nowadays create different types of courses with different content types. Some creators prefer to create pre-recorded video courses, some prefer to have live classes, some by making presentations and e-books, and so on. But before choosing a content type, you have to analyze some factors that would go well with the content creation. 

For example, if you have proper tools like a high-quality camera and high-speed internet connectivity, you can opt for live video sessions. If you are good at editing videos, you can choose pre-recorded videos for courses. If you have a course that would be long enough so that you cannot create everything in videos, you can go for creating presentations which makes learning simple. 

Let us look at the different types of course content you can choose for creating unique courses in 2022.

  • Live Sessions

Live sessions are a great choice as you can demonstrate the subject lively to your students, and it would give them a feeling of learning in a traditional classroom. Through live classes, you can communicate effectively with your students. This helps them to solve their queries right away in your online classes. 

Sitting in front of a laptop and watching videos would be boring, especially for the school students, and they would focus more if you opt for live classes. Live classes enable the tutors to find whether the students are on track with them and are progressing perfectly. 

Live sessions prevent students from getting distracted much, and live classes provide a real-time experience of teaching and learning for students and tutors.

Here are some tips for the teachers conducting live sessions online.

  • Recorded videos

Pre-recorded videos are greatly helpful when you have a long topic to cover since it will take plenty of time if you choose live classes. By choosing recorded videos as your course content type, you can divide the entire topic and cover them in multiple videos. This helps you in making your work less complicated. 

One of the main advantages of pre-recorded sessions is you can edit them according to your preference. You can insert an image, screen castings of demonstrations, some useful slides, or even another video from various sources. 

You don’t have to stress about the timings if you go with recorded sessions. Live sessions will be affected if you are unexpectedly not able to be available on time. However, pre-recorded videos don’t require your presence every time. Students can experience hassle-free learning once recorded videos are uploaded.

  • Presentation based courses

One of the easiest ways to create an online course is by preparing slide-based courses. It doesn’t require much effort compared to other types of content. Also, it doesn’t consume so much time to create. You are just going to put everything you have prepared in slides with some attractive pictures and examples and add your voice.

If you are a camera-shy person who doesn’t want to show your face to a large audience, you can simply use this type of content to create online courses. If you are skilled in using MS PowerPoint and have editing skills, you can opt for creating slide-based courses.

  • eBooks

eBooks play a crucial role nowadays as learning has been shifted drastically online. eBooks are the best option which don’t consume much time for creation. There are a lot of templates available online, which you can use for eBook creation. 

Students would find it less time-consuming when they study using eBooks. eBooks are great if your online course has step-by-step guidelines to follow. Since documents are simple to download, they are easily accessible for the students. 

  • Quizzes

You are not teaching your students in person to constantly be aware of their progress. To check their performance, you have to make some quizzes and add them to your online courses. Quizzes will help a lot for them to recall what they have studied and assessed their performance.

It is better to include quizzes after every module or unit to check how better your students understand the concepts. You can also conduct live tests to assess and evaluate the progress of your students.

Let’s Sum Up

As we have seen, there are so many content types available to choose from, and it doesn’t mean that you have to rely only on a single content type. You can even mix 2 or 3 types to create a course. Classplus, being one of the best online platforms for teachers in India, enables you to create courses on any of the types mentioned above. Using Classplus, you create the best online courses and customized teaching apps to provide an excellent learning experience to your students. 

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