How to create yoga sessions for online classes

We are living in a life where we used to be sedentary all the time. In this era, it is important for us to move our bodies at least for 20 minutes a day. There are so many options available to make us fit and active throughout the year. Yoga remains one of the top exercises that helps us lead a healthy life, and it has so many benefits. The drastic shift caused by the pandemic would have been a big challenge to the yoga teachers to manage online classes

However, there are some ways using which we can adopt digitalization and teach yoga successfully online. It may seem a bit challenging at first, but there are some useful strategies that can help your yoga teaching online. This blog will look at some of the useful tips on creating yoga sessions for online classes

Decide the topic and approach.

As we know, yoga is a huge subject to learn, and there are different ways to teach it. Before starting your every session, do some homework on what you are going to demonstrate during the session and what would be the easiest and most comfortable approach to teach your students. 

Yoga teachers would feel comfortable when they see their students performing right before them as they demonstrate. However, it is not possible in an online class. You cannot watch every student’s performance at once as you handle the session virtually. So it is important to choose an approach that will benefit all your students. 

  • Practicing after teaching

In order to be a successful online yoga teacher, your job is not completed once you upload the recorded videos online. You have to make sure that all your students have benefited the most from your sessions. But how can we identify that? Arrange live practice sessions once or twice a week, some days after uploading the videos. 

In these live yoga sessions, you will be easily able to identify the performance of all your students. It is also helpful for the students to clarify the queries they got while practicing the asanas. As a yoga teacher, it is important to have a face-to-face interaction with your students every week instead of speaking to them only through your videos. 

  • Choosing a presentable environment 

Yoga is not like every other subject where you just need a quiet environment with a blackboard and chalk. Yoga sessions are about teaching a healthy lifestyle. Choosing an appropriate and pleasant environment is one of the main things to be considered. How can we identify the best place to record the videos?

If you are teaching breathing exercises like pranayama, or hatha yoga, recording on a lawn or in a garden with natural airflow is preferable. If you are recording your sessions in the afternoon time, it is better to have it indoors with a decent and pleasant background. You can even try different styles and backgrounds and let your students choose what they like. Besides that, make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothes to show your demonstrations clearly to your students.

  • Be prepared with the required tools.

Teaching yoga requires some more effort than teaching other subjects. You can’t just rely on your smartphone to show your demonstrations clearly to your students. Though it entirely depends on your preference, investing in some of the best tools for recording will make your online yoga classes successful. 

Investing in a tripod, a good quality mic, and a high-quality camera would help you a lot with your online yoga classes. Demonstration classes would look better if we recorded them in a brighter environment. If you are recording indoors, make sure that the room is bright enough. You can also opt for a ring light to record brighter videos of your demonstrations. 

  • Getting weekly feedback

Since you are new to teaching yoga online, you would not get everything straight right from your first class. You may need some improvement in the way you teach, your demonstrating position, etc. Without asking for suggestions from your students, you would find it difficult to identify where you need improvement. 

Spend some time with your students only to get feedback from them. Make your students feel comfortable to share their opinions on your way of teaching and suggest any improvement if needed. Making students feel comfortable to raise their views would be the best ever thing that helps you to upgrade your online teaching. 

Teaching yoga online would feel stressful if you are not taking the necessary steps to evolve successfully. Since technology helps to do everything in this world, it would also help you effectively to teach yoga sessions online. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can help your students to benefit a lot from your yoga classes and lead a healthy and long life. Yoga teachers can extend their classes to online teaching platforms with the help of their own app created as per their requirements with the help of Classplus.

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