10 Ways to Sell Online Courses to Students

Why do people buy online courses? And why should they buy your systems? All information one can provide is already available online for free, so why should they buy it? The answer is simple: It is convenient to buy an online course that provides all the relevant information in one place and save time rather than searching for the relevant information for hours. Moreover, people desire the result and outcome of any product they purchase. The same goes with online courses. The potential of the skill that they can learn according to their convenience that one can provide with an online course. 


To sell courses online successfully, one must go through a stage known as pre-framing, there are three parts of pre-framing

  • Attracting the right audience
  • Build trust and provide proof
  • Quality lead generation 

These stages aid us in many ways as it helps in building a community, selling courses online, etc.

Attracting the right audience

The audience (students) being attracted could be divided according to the level, of course, the certification it provides, the minimum necessary level of qualification according to the course, etc.

Building trust and providing proof

Online courses require the students to go through the process rather than finding the solution instantly so there must be trust among students before any course is purchased. There are two processes through which trust can be built.

Long term process- the process which reaches the audience (students) with the information related to the course for a long time through content marketing, blogs, etc. 

Short-term process- the process that takes place for a limited period and reaches an estimated number of the audience (students) through webinars, live sessions, advertisements, etc.

Proof- there must be credit for the effectiveness and advantages of the online courses and the amount of skill share the program provides. Testimony of previous students is the most common and effective way of doing it.


Quality leads are the leads or students most interested in the course and the likelihood of them purchasing it is higher. These leads are generally generated through pdf guides with high-value content are shared through emails, live webinars, workshops, advertisements, surveys, one on one consulting, etc.


Direct Sales- This is a simple way of sales generation of traffic(audience), capturing a lead, making a deal, and sale of the course is made

Book lounge sales- In this, the traffic is directed towards the lounge of the book then free chapters, live webinars, etc are done to intrigue the lead then the sale will be made 

Messenger sales

The lead is added to a group on any social media or communication platform such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, etc

Live webinar

The traffic is directed to a webinar in which leads are formed after which the lead is converted into a sale

In this form, the traffic directed towards the lead is limited as the entry in the webinar is not free. The number of leaders has a higher chance of converting into a purchase. 

High ticket sales

In this form, the leads are selected based on their qualification level, after which an entrance test/call is made after which the course is sold 

One day event sale 

The event can be paid or free of ticket charges depending on the group of leads it targets (VIP groups, etc)


These events contain many speakers that provide the value data to the traffic to turn it into a lead (students) after which the sales are made.


In this form, a webinar is available to be played 24/7 as it is recorded, providing value data to the leads and sales.

Hybrid format

In this format, the traffic is led to both the messenger group as well as toward the automated webinar to turn it into a lead so the sales can be made


To increase and maintain the online course sales, one must know about another process. There are a few ways to keep the audience interested and attract more. 

Monthly Quiz 

by creating a quiz for the audience, provides the audience with a challenge and motivates them to go through the course

Weekly webinars

doing webinars and interacting with the audience helps in clearing the doubts and making the course more effective


by giving out awards to the extraordinary performing students it motivates others to work hard and provides the audience with an incentive 


by giving out assignments to the audience keeps them engaged and tests the effectiveness of the course


All the processes combined with the preferred sales method can not only help in selling courses online but also helps in building a community. A well-connected community can help increase sales more than advertising as words to praise and suggestion of course by someone who already took it is the best way of promotion. If you are still having difficulty in selling your course online then connect with Classplus that helps you build a customized app of your own and sell your courses at the click of a button. To know more, connect with us now!

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