How to Create and Assign Test to Students?

Test series and assessments are one of the prominent paths to evaluate each of the students. Being an instructor you must know the output of the learning of your students which you have done in the classroom. After the global pandemic, the education system has completely transformed to the online learning. Teachers can easily create and assign test series for students via online education portals like Classplus. Concerning this blog, we will help you know how you can create and assign test to your students

How to Begin?

Construct a Syllabus

If you are an instructor and want to assign a test series for several students then first understand the syllabus. A syllabus will help teachers keep everything in an organized manner, it describes all the goals which are to be achieved and structure of the entire course to the students.

A particular syllabus gives you an idea to create an assignment or test series. Always keep one thing in mind that individual test series are not similar to exams. So make sure to create a particular test series solely to evaluate your learning feedback. Moreover, You should have a pre-planned assignment or test series that cover all the educational objectives. 

Create a Test Format

Being a mentor, you should have a well designed question paper in a particular format that includes all types of questions. A pre-test helps to convey an idea to the students so that they can prepare well. Nowadays the learning concept has changed. A student prefers to attend online assessments rather than other modes.

Standardized Test

This test is solely to check the academic performance of each student. The pattern of this test is the same in time, questions and scores. Standardized tests are divided according to the education programme. This means if you are pursuing any graduate programme then you have to attend common types of tests such as GMAT, GRE, MCAT and LCAT. 

Online Assessment

The term online assessment refers to a process that evaluates a student’s performance. Such types of assessment are solely performed with the help of the internet and web tools. The online assessment covers all the necessary factors through which any instructor can easily access learning feedback. The main purpose of an online assessment is to calculate the student’s objectives like:

  • To estimate the proper knowledge of a student
  • Identify the weakness of students and help them improve
  • Find out the special strength of students
  • Increases productivity
  • Teacher can easily declare results online without hassle
  • Their is no need for students to wait for their results as they have immediate access to it
  • Convey them all the relative help to enrich their academics

With your own app you can easily create, assign and upload tests with auto-correction features with all your students.

Multiple Choice

Sometimes multiple choice patterns are designed to make a broad material into brief content. But now classroom test series are often conducted through multiple-choice methods. Here students just mark yes or no after reading the text. Reading some questions carefully can reveal the correct answer, and exam savvy students will use this to their advantage. Before attending any multiple-choice exam pattern it is necessary to read out the syllabus content carefully.

Enrich the Student’s score through an Achievement Test

An achievement test is one of the prominent methods to evaluate the performance of an individual. It is also helpful to understand the basics of a student and where they are lagging. With the help of this assessment, an instructor can easily measure the capabilities of students to where they can perform better. 

If any student wants to pursue higher education then it is crucial to attend an achievement test. The higher the achievement score the more chance to perform better in studies. On the other hand, students with a low achievement score need to do more in their studies. For better performance in test series, it is important to prepare a specific schedule and cover every concept. The better you read the more you will score. 

Whether you are a student or a working professional, taking an online assessment test shows who you are. Since offline classroom education went off, online education platform have come forward to help you. Exam pattern has transformed into digital platforms and students are able to submit their performances via online mode. With Classplus you can easily create, assign and upload tests with auto-correction features with all your students. Classplus has unique strategy to design the assessment test series for each class as per their syllabus just for you. 

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