5 Power Words Teachers Could Use To Create A Supportive Classroom

Students need a supportive and friendly environment in schools to feel encouraged and stay motivated. Teachers play a vital role in creating a supportive environment in their classrooms. Along with their actions, teachers have to use some powerful words to make their students focused and motivated in their studies. Let us look at the 5 power words teachers could use to create a supportive classroom. 

I’m here for you

Every student will perform better if they realize that someone supports them. Supporting every student is necessary to make them feel comfortable and confident in their classroom. Students might help each other; however, a supportive word from a class teacher would significantly impact students’ mindset. Some students wouldn’t find it comfortable to open up their problems and struggles to anyone, leading to stress. If a teacher says, “I’m here to support you guys”, it will be easy for the students to speak out about their struggles without any second thoughts. In such a way, students struggling with anything can find a solution and feel more relaxed. 

Saying these words to your students would give them the impression that you are a good listener. Children of small age desperately want someone to listen to them. If you listen to your students well, you will get to know more them, their problems, their interests, etc. and offer them your help whenever needed. Listening to your students also keeps the classroom more interactive and students will learn to effectively communicate from small age itself. 

I trust you

Always mention that you trust your students right before assigning any homework or task. Students will be more interested to complete it because they know that their teacher believes in them. You can also use this phrase to encourage good behaviors and manners in your students. This phrase also indicates that you will never give up on them and they will be more motivated if they come to know this. 

Some students don’t even know their potential. They would have been suspecting their worth and degrading themselves since their childhood. Such students would have developed an inferiority complex in themselves and would find it hard to succeed in their academics. Your positive words of trust would make a massive difference in their mindset and they will be motivated again to work harder and prove their worth. Not only for them, but these words will also boost the self-confidence of every student in your classroom. Making your students aware that you expect more from them will make them focus more and give their fullest in everything.

You are great!

If you notice any successful accomplishments from your students, try to encourage them with all your hard. No matter how more minor the action is, if students get a positive word of encouragement for what they’ve done, it will automatically stimulate them to work more and achieve more tremendous success. However, make sure you are not exaggerating or faking an appreciation. Always attempt to give genuine encouragement and gratitude to make your students feel energetic in your classroom teaching

Every student has a different way of thinking. The method of expressing thoughts differs a lot from student to student. Keenly observe your students’ abilities and motivate your students. If a student has presented or narrated a concept differently don’t blame him/her. Instead, try to appreciate his/her efforts and make them feel valued by appreciating their uniqueness. If a student has failed to accomplish anything, motivate him by saying that he is respected for his efforts and sincerity regardless of the result. This will stimulate them to work consistently towards achieving success even after facing a failure. 

Sorry for my mistake

Every human in this world makes mistakes. Admitting your mistakes is a way of accepting this human nature. Likewise, making a mistake while teaching is one of the everyday things in the classroom. If a teacher teaching in a school makes a mistake, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t admit it in front of their students. You have to agree if you have made any mistake and make your students understand that it is common to commit errors and one should accept it and try to improve it. Showing your students that it is okay to make mistakes, will make them more comfortable trying out new things. 

Even if any of your students find any mistake made during teaching, appreciate them for being attentive to your teaching and thank them for noticing it. By doing this way, students will find it comfortable to point out the mistakes of others instead of being dumb when someone is wrong. Furthermore, if you say sorry for your mistakes, your students would feel that you value them and are more comfortable with them. 

We’ll do it together

Teaching your students in one way won’t help make your students feel focused in the long run. It will give them feel that you are giving them instructions and following them. This kind of teaching will not be interesting for the students. Teaching has to be interactive and two-way communication is necessary for the classroom. This collaborative way of teaching works well to make your students remain focused throughout your teaching.

If your students find it difficult to solve a problem or finish a task, don’t make them feel left alone. Instead, show that you are always there for them and say “let’s work together as a team to complete it!”. By doing so, students will know how to actively collaborate with anyone and realize the importance of teamwork. 


A positive environment in the student classroom encourages and motivates students to excel in their academics and inspires them to develop good qualities. Being supportive to your students, trusting them, appreciating them, apologizing to them, and interacting with them are great qualities of teacher. Always try to follow these activities to build an effective and supportive classroom.

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