5 Ways to Motivate your Students when they’re Demotivated

To be successful in academics, every student needs some motivation, especially from his/her teachers. Some students may remain demotivated due to numerous causes. As a teacher it is important to motivate your students which can be challenging for a teacher. However, here are some ways to motivate students when they are demotivated. 

Causes of demotivation

A student may lack motivation because of various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

1. Feeling inferior

This is common among the students who are constantly compared to their fellow students on their grades. As a result, they automatically lack confidence in themselves and feel inferior. This ultimately leads to a lack of study motivation and makes them perform poorly academically. 

2. Family pressure

Though a student studies well, having a peaceful environment in his/her house is essential for being motivated. If a student is from a family that quarrels all the time and constantly makes their child feel low, there are a lot of chances that the student lacks self-motivation

3. Lack of support

If a student doesn’t have any support from his/her friends, teachers, or family, there might be a chance for the student to get demotivated. This demotivation can be commonly seen among the students whenever they are transferred to a new school because of the new fellow students.

5 Ways to Motivate a Student

Understand the student completely

A classroom is where different kinds of young people come into contact. Each student is the other in his behavior, attitude, and actions. To know why a student lacks motivation, a teacher must identify and understand him completely. The teacher should focus on identifying his learning preference, interests, etc. By appealing to a demotivated student, we can make a learning plan that interests the student to get motivated. 

If a student feels demotivated because of his friends or family, talking to him individually and letting him open up about his issues will help give him relief. Instead of being harsh on the demotivated students, talking to them and understanding their struggles will help a teacher to get them out of their problems and make their students gain motivation in education again. 

Make students feel responsible

No one can remain demotivated if they have a responsibility to take care of. This technique can be used to motivate students. Young people always find it interesting if someone trusts them and gives them responsibility.

For example, allocating a particular work for each student like distributing test papers, choosing a weekly assignment, collecting the homework notebooks, etc. By doing so, you can increase their level of motivation and make them feel more responsible. They also find it fun to work together with their friends. 

Provide them feedback and Motivate your Students

Spending some time once a week with every student to provide feedback on their learning progress will help them identify where they need to improve. Having constant communication with your students is helpful to correct their mistakes then and there, and they don’t need to worry about everything at the last moment.

If you have to say to your student that he needs some improvement, make sure you are saying it friendly. Using negative comments on students’ performance wouldn’t help them improve and make them feel lower instead. Instead, convey it politely and show them that you are always with them to help them. Always encourage students when they perform well this will keep them motivated and will help in building better teacher-student relationship.

Free illustrations of Feedback
Encourage positivity among the Students.

Most of the students feel demotivated because of their failures such as failing in exams, scolding’s by parents etc. These things will give them a lot of negative feelings around them. So to regain confidence and motivation, someone has to boost up with them the positivity. 

If a teacher has to spread positivity among his/her students, they have to be positive first. Have a positive approach towards everything, and that will eventually make your students get inspiration from you. While addressing your students’ problems, try to pick positive words as much as possible, which will motivate them to perform well. 

Motivate your Students through examples

Motivating a student becomes easier when you use some real-world examples of people who become successful. So, instead of using your words to encourage them, show them who already achieved success and the path they went through.

Tell them the stories of successful people and make them feel inspired to get motivated. For example, whenever a student comes up with a problem, instead of blaming him or using a negative comment on him, try saying that this particular successful person had also once experienced this kind of challenging situation and how he went through it to attain a bright future. You can also try saying motivational quotes for students to encourage them.

A teacher doesn’t need to be strict all the time to make him/her students successful. A teacher can be a friend, a family, a supporter, or a well-wisher at times to motivate their students. Motivation makes everyone in this world keep going towards their goal. A teacher can help students to feel motivated when they lack it by following some of the aforementioned strategies and help him achieve success.

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