Why Choose Classplus For Your Online Coaching Business

After the global pandemic, the education industry has gone through various changes. The learning has been swapped to virtual classrooms, e-books replace physical books, assessments are conducted using webcams, and many more. We can say that today’s education has been dramatically transformed and students are now more comfortable with online coaching. If you are a person who wishes to have your app for teaching to teach your students online and wants to grow your online coaching business, read on. 

Classplus is an India EdTech startup that helps transform the learning experience by providing digital tools and assistance. Using Classplus, tutors can have their customized app for managing their online coaching and successfully growing their online coaching business. You can know many things about Classplus before choosing us for your online coaching. 

Why choose Classplus?

Classplus has made it very simple and convenient for teachers to manage their classrooms from a mobile app through its outstanding technology. More than 1 Lakh educational institutions have been benefited from Classplus and seen booming growth in their online coaching business.

Classplus enables the tutors to create customize lessons for their students and effectively manage every operation related to learning. Student performance analysis, fee payments, assessments, etc. can be operated.

Classplus provides outstanding features which aims to bring the topmost security to your digital data. It has privacy control and you are going to control the accessibility of your data to your faculties. 

Classplus, the most efficient online learning management platform, aims to provide a hassle-free experience to students and teachers across the globe by providing numerous features. Read on to know more about the impressive features offered by Classplus. 

Features offered by Classplus

Managing your entire classroom and related activities using a single app requires numerous integrated features to provide teachers and students with a consistent and smooth experience. Classplus comes up with various excellent features to grow your online business. 

Classplus enables you to create educational content of various types. This includes uploads on your app for your students, and perform assessments to analyze their progress. It dramatically eliminates the tedious process of creating reviews, tracking students’ attendance, etc., and makes everything simple. 

Apart from uploading pre-recorded videos, you can even connect with your students through live classes. The automatic recording feature helps record the live sessions and upload them to make them available for your students anytime. 

Online assessments for online coaching can be conducted efficiently without consuming much time. You can create and upload a question paper for evaluations instantly. You don’t have to spend your time checking their answers manually and everything is automated. Your only job is to upload the question papers and students can attempt anytime on the go. 

You can track all your students’ performance using the dashboard available in your app. You will automatically receive reports and analyses of your students’ performance through which you can track their progress. The data analytics tools used by the app provide accurate analysis of every student’s performance. 

With Classplus you can quickly sell your online courses to students worldwide through its eCommerce platform. You can successfully market your courses by creating coupons and notifying your students about all your classes. 

Your learning app comes with a specially designed website to list your courses and their details. Students will be able to look at your systems, enroll in them, download the app, and even contact you. 

Communication with parents

Learning online doesn’t mean that parents are not directly involved in their child’s studies. Online coaching needs to be under the control of every child’s parents. They have to know their child’s performance and attendance and have to communicate with their teacher. 

The innovative attendance feature of Classplus enables the parents to see their child’s attendance and monthly reports. They get personalized essays which elaborate their child’s performance. 

You can communicate and chat with the parents through the parent communication module. Students and parents don’t need to worry about fee payment deadlines. They will be notified of the fee payments, receipts, and installments by their learning app. 

Final Note

Classplus aims to digitize the learning experience and transform it to the next higher level. It focuses on eliminating the effort and time spent by the teachers on managing the tedious activities of a classroom. They can spend time designing learning patterns and crafting new learning methods to improve their teaching. Get your own coaching app and transform your online coaching business to the pinnacle using the various spectacular features provided by Classplus. 

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