What Are The Creative Homework Ideas That Teachers Can Give To Students?

If you are a teacher who loves to foster creativity in your classroom, why are you giving the same kind of homework every day? Students will be bored completing the same assignment every day and find it monotonous. Let us look at the creative homework ideas to give to your students and make their learning more meaningful.

Make them research more 

Instead of giving math homework daily from their textbooks and asking them to solve them, ask them to search the internet and explore things. Try to provide them with a couple of questions and ask them to research and find answers. For example, assign each student a city. 

Ask them to explore more and discover the famous landmarks, restaurants, popular events, and other information related to that city. This activity develops their language skills as they read a lot when they search and helps them know more when they dive deep into searching. 

Assignments that are relatable to real life 

The primary aim of education is to prepare students to face real-world problems. Apart from completing education and getting a job, there are numerous tasks for adults to accomplish in their life. Therefore, try to assign tasks that help them to practice real-world activities. For example, ask your students to go shopping with their parents and list the essentials, help their parents cook dinner, learn about traffic signals, fill out bank cheques, pay bills, etc., and make them share their experiences. 

Crafts making 

Crafts making is one of the enjoyable activities for students that help them let out their stress. Making them try craftwork ideas will develop their creativity and learn practical skills. For example, when they build a craft model, they have to make appropriate measurements, create a plan, etc. Encourage your students to try clay molds, origami, DIY activities, making use of waste products, etc., and improve their creativity skills. 

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Make them aware of current affairs

Making students watch news channels or read newspapers is too challenging, isn’t it? However, making them aware of current updates is essential to educate them about the real world. So, try to include this as a routine of their homework. Ask your students to note the current updates, write about an interview that discusses the influential events, etc., to make them study real-world happenings.

Outdoor activities 

Nowadays, young children are too obsessed with technology, which makes them sit for hours at home, play games, and watch movies. To make your students step out of their homes during weekend times, give homework that involves outdoor activities. For example, assign them a task of visiting a zoo or museum on their weekend and let them record or note the interesting things they find there. 

Creative homework that involves physical activities 

After this pandemic, where offices, schools, colleges, and everything become online, we became more sedentary than ever. So, giving students homework that involves walking, running, skipping, swimming, etc., is an excellent way to improve their physical activity. 

Language skills 

Besides focusing on technical skills, language and communication skills are also essential for the students to learn. Students can improve their communication skills only through practicing them constantly. You can assign tasks that involve literary and communication skills like poetry, story writing, storytelling, essay writing, email writing, summary or review writing of a movie or book, etc. 

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Email writing skills help them a lot when they enter the professional world. You can also give them a couple of new words and make them find their meanings to improve their vocabulary.

Using technology 

Teach your students the appropriate ways of using technology. When students are guided on the right way to utilize technology, they will understand its importance other than playing games. For example, let them try creating a word document, trying basic operations in excel, creating a self-introduction video, photo editing, and more to make them get hands-on experience in technology. 

Social service activities for creative homework

Incorporating moral values in the minds of young children will help them grow as responsible adults. Making them do social service activities will develop empathy and teach them the importance of humanity. Assign tasks like visiting retirement homes or orphanages, helping the needy, growing trees, and more to make the upcoming generation more responsible. 

To wrap up 

Doing homework would not seem hectic for the students. Instead, try discussing with your students to understand more about their interests. And assign them tasks that have a purpose and align with their interests. 

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