Creative Homework Ideas for Teachers that Make Online Learning More Engaging

Online education is a beautiful way to learn, but sometimes you run into those moments when kids are bored and not in the mood for the lesson — or worse, they claim not to understand it. This post features creative homework ideas that help teachers avoid these sticky situations and make online learning more engaging. Instead of one boring worksheet, why not create a little project? Kids are more excited about learning when they feel they have a say in the process. These homework ideas for teachers focus on giving your student’s leadership roles

There are several ways to get help with homework, including online resources and hiring a tutor. However, some students prefer to take a more independent approach and figure out their homework independently. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this, such as focusing and staying organized. Additionally, several online resources can be helpful, such as online education courses and websites with homework ideas.

9 Creative Homework Ideas for Teachers

1. Homework for Teachers: Think About It

The most boring homework idea is still the most effective one. Boring but effective. Children get to think about a problem and devise their solution for this homework. They may choose to work alone, or they may work in groups of two or three. Explanations are left out until the end, so kids don’t feel rushed or pressured to come up with a solution. 

2. Create a Character

This type of worksheet is simple enough that any kid can complete it on their own and do it effectively enough to make the whole class feel involved in learning. In addition, kids get to create a character for a story and give that character a name and face. This opens a conversation about how online homework doesn’t always have to be stuffy and dull — you can have fun with it!

3. Homework for Teachers: Research Your Topic

These homework ideas will help kids remember the information you teach them throughout the course. Take your topic, or a major aspect of it, and ask your students to do some research to understand it better. Whether they do this research on the Internet or in books, depending on their age, they’ll have ample opportunities to discuss it with one another as they learn more about your topic.

4. Homework for Teachers: Create a Story About Your Topic

This is one of the most fun types of homework because it allows kids to practice their writing skills and research, problem-solving, and creative thinking abilities. They’ll have to review the topic you taught them, draw inspiration from your lesson, and synthesize all these ideas into something new. In this way they’ll not only be doing an informative project, but they’ll also be able to use their creativity in the process — which makes learning much more fun! 

5. Do a Puzzle

This is another fun project for kids because it combines all of the skills they learned throughout the course. For example, the kids can do a puzzle that works or come up with their idea for a mystery and then try to figure out how to make or create it. This type of exercise helps them learn how to think flexibly and gives them lots of practice in reading and following directions. 

6. Homework ideas for Teachers: Create a Recipe

This type of homework helps kids practice the skills you taught them. For example, if you teach them how to make a recipe, they’ll need to write out the steps to learn how they should go through it. They can either work alone or with their friends, but doing this independently will help them understand more what they’re learning — and applying — in class right now. 

7. Homework ideas for Teachers: Create a Storyboard About Your Topic

This is another excellent way for kids to apply what they learned in class into an interactive project that benefits their education and general learning process. This will help you manage kids’ responsibilities better, and they’ll be able to work with their peers to learn something they won’t just read about in a textbook later.

8. Homework for Teachers: Create a Comic Strip About Your Topic

Kids are more apt to remember something if they can actively participate in the learning process. So for this type of homework, they’ll create a comic strip that relates to your lesson and their own interests. This will help integrate different aspects of art with their interest in the topic and make the learning process fun again. You can also have them classify other comic strips based on various criteria you set for them. 

9. Review Your Lesson

After you’ve taught your lesson, have kids go back over it and review what they’ve learned throughout the class. There are several ways you can go about this homework. For example, you can have them read over it once, review, and study it more in-depth, or give them an assignment where they’ll summarize the learning material and carry it out in a different, less structured way.


These homework ideas and tips provide a way to make online education more engaging while helping kids learn. First, to improve our skills and Personalize your homework assignments based on the child’s interests and personality. Then, depending on the age and experience of your students, assign them reading material to complete or projects that have a more interactive nature.

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