How to Take Online Painting Classes with Classplus? 

Are you ready to indulge yourself in a world of creativity and a lot of colors? No need to wait anymore! Welcome to the world of online painting classes, where you can bring your ideas to life from the comfort of your own home. In this blog we have discussed how to conduct online painting classes and how you can get more students to enroll themselves in your online course on your app.

Benefits of conducting online painting classes  

  1. Taking online painting classes is more accessible and convenient.
  2. Reach artists globally, with flexible scheduling and no need for travel.
  3. Engage your students in real time discussions while delivering clear feedback.
  4. Create engaging content and share high quality photos, videos, and reference materials to provide clear demos, tutorials, and examples.
  5. Provide personalized guidance to your students with individualized attention and feedback to help them grow. 
  6. Connect artists through a vibrant community, foster inspiration, learning, and help them create valuable connections.

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Here are different ways to conduct online painting classes

There are many ways you can begin with teaching art courses online. We have discussed some of the top ways to help you begin with your online painting classes

1. Choose the right platform

Choosing the right kind of a platform is important to conduct online painting classes for beginners. This decision ensures smooth and uninterrupted flow of your teaching and learning experience. 

You must look for a platform which provides all the necessary tools and features that will help you cater the needs and requirements of an online art class. 

Why is it necessary to look for a suitable platform? 

  • Ensures smooth communication
  • Easy payment gateway facility 
  • Availability of pre recorded lessons and lectures
  • It empowers student-teacher engagement

Which platform can you choose to conduct your online painting classes?

Classplus can be a reliable platform for you to conduct your online art classes. You can get all the necessary tools and features which will help in aiding your online class experience on your app.

Teaching through your app offers valuable resources such as pre-recorded lessons, reference materials, and image-sharing features, further enriching the learning experience for your students. 

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2. Plan your course structure

How to conduct online painting classes? It is important to have a plan and an outline of your work plan to ensure smooth flow of the online course. Create a detailed outline of your course that you want to teach.

The first thing in creating an outline is to define what all lessons you will cover in the course, followed by defining study material, test series and assignments and an execution plan.

Keep in mind to have all the requirements of the course before launching yourself on an online platform. 

3. Use good online tools and software

Use good tools and software to conduct online painting classes. Investing in good tools and software for online painting lessons will help you in a longer run. Some of the tools that you can use to begin with your online classes include good lighting, camera, microphone, tripod, online tools such as:

  • Zoom to conduct online lessons
  • PsykoPaint
  • Kerpoof Studio  
  • PearDeck for making amazing powerpoint presentation
  • Classdojo to connect with your students

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4. Develop your technical skills 

When you decide to begin with online painting classes, the first requirement is to have good internet availability, it is a technologically important tool . Having a fundamental knowledge of editing videos, recording, running live webinars or any other technological requirement is important.

Your lessons might not be as successful without this knowledge, which could result in low student engagement and retention.

For teachers who wish to produce high-quality work and interact with their students during online painting classes effectively, technical knowledge is crucial.

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5. Record your painting video lectures

Recording your painting tutorials and having a look at it before launching them on your app or website is a must. It ensures that you are aware of all the mistakes you are making and how you can improve them when you go live.

Recording your online painting lessons videos will ensure availability to your students as they can have a look at the videos whenever they miss a lecture. 

6. Have a simple process for online registration

The success of your online painting classes depends on having a simple registration procedure because it can significantly affect your students’ overall experience. A confusing registration procedure may discourage potential students or audience from signing up for your classes.

This leads to a major decline in enrollment and engagement. A simple and user-friendly registration procedure, on the other hand, can make it simple for students to enroll in your classes, boosting your enrollment and retention rates.

  • Students should be able to easily navigate a smooth registration procedure with simple to understand instructions. 
  • A simple registration procedure can assist you in gathering precise data about your pupils, such as their contact details, degree of expertise, and preferences. 

7. Stay consistent

As frustrating as it may be, consistency is essential if you want to grow your online coaching business over time. If you’re willing to put in the work and focus on your classes, then there is no reason why you won’t see good results in the future. Remember that consistency will always be key, so ensure your efforts are always focused on the future!

How Classplus can help you start your online painting classes?

Planning to start painting lessons online? With Classplus’s user friendly and all in one platform for online educators, you have all the tools and resources you need to begin with your dream online painting classes. What do we offer?

  • Take live painting sessions
  • Record and upload your painting video lectures
  • Post pdfs, test series etc. for your students 
  • Along with your own app, get your own website
  • Increase your revenue 10X by selling your painting courses online
  • Engage with students across the globe 
  • Create mock test, assignments and schedule classes with ease
  • You can create your own posters on your app for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Your data is secured using SSL AES 256-bit encryption 
  • Get features like live attendance, interaction with parents, automated reminders, personalized performance reports of your students and much more on your teaching app
  • Increase your revenue by 10X and track your monthly earnings on your app. 
online painting classes

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How to get more students for your online painting classes? 

Get your own app 

Beginning with launching your online painting classes? It’s the best time to get your online application started. Having your own app where you can sell your courses and interact with your students with ease is the best way to begin. 

Email marketing

Connecting with your audience through email marketing format will help you in the long run. Being consistent and having a good strategy will help you attract more people to take your online painting courses. When you begin with email marketing, remember to be honest about what you are offering.

Use your testimonials, feedback  from customers, exclusive offers etc. to attract a maximum number of audiences. Some tools which you can use for email marketing as a beginner are:

  • Hubspot 
  • Mailchimp
  • Sender

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Social media marketing

The most effective form of marketing is social media marketing. You can make the best use of these platforms to reach the maximum audience who will be interested in taking up your painting courses online. Having a good strategy and approach will help you in scaling up your coaching business. 

Social media marketing is very helpful in providing ways to build good relationships with your audience. Using this way of marketing, you can create a sense of community around your business.

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Conduct workshop for your students 

Since you have some idea of the art and painting methods you would like to teach, your workshop must appeal to potential attendees. The most successful workshops are fun and exciting, which means ensuring you have the right subject matter for each of your classes. This is another very good way to sell your online painting courses.

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To wrap up 

When you’re interested in getting started with online painting classes, look for ways to build your business for the long term. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about having new customers every semester or year!

It’s your chance to identify your creativity and connect with talented artists worldwide through online painting classes. With the right platform, engaging lessons, and student interaction, you can inspire and nurture artistic talent. Embrace the digital canvas and paint a vibrant learning experience that leaves a lasting impression. Let your passion for painting shine online!

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How to to take online painting classes with Classplus FAQs

Q1. How much do online painting classes on Classplus cost?

A1. The cost of online painting classes on Classplus varies depending on the course and the instructor. Some of these courses are free of cost, while others may require a fee. 

Q2. Can I interact with the instructor during online painting classes?

A2. Yes, you can interact with the instructor during online painting classes. The classes are designed to be interactive and engaging. 

Q3.  What type of painting classes are available online?

A3. There are various types of painting classes available online, like
– watercolor painting
– oil painting
– acrylic painting
– mixed media painting

Q4. Do I need to have painting experience to take online painting classes?

A4. No, you do not need to have painting experience to take online painting classes. There are different types of courses available for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners.

Q5. How long do online painting classes last?

A5. The length of an online painting class varies. Some of these courses may be self-paced and can be completed in a few hours or days, while others may last several weeks or might take months. 

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