6 Practical Ways To Use Social Media Platforms For Your Online Course

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can effectively promote your course. These social media apps have millions of users active every day. All you need to do is find the people who would be interested in your course and market your course to them.

Social media marketing gives quicker results than SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It takes less time to grow a social media following organically than to grow your blog visitors or youtube subscribers through SEO.

There are 3 types of social media marketing:

  1. Growing your social media following organically
  2. Paid social media advertising
  3. Social media influencers

So how do you plan your social media marketing strategy to increase your online course sales? Following are 6 highly effective ways to do just that:

Create a Facebook group

Create a Facebook group for people interested in your niche. Here, people can discuss their problems in the place and help each other out. Engage with these people in the comments, offering them valuable advice. This will establish you as an expert in the eyes of the group members.

Reach out to the people that post in the group via a direct message. This gives it a more personal touch. Help them out with the problem they are facing without holding back. And then you can recommend your course and tell them that it might help them with their struggles. Occasionally increase sales of your online course and post testimonials of your students in the group.

Apart from this public group, create another private group for people who have bought the course.

Get a shoutout from an influencer

Find out which social media accounts your ideal audience follows. Check for their engagement. Beware of accounts with many followers but very few likes and comments on their posts. These are either dead or run by bots. Once you have found the right accounts, make a list and approach them. You can approach them via DM or email. Ask for their shoutout rates.

Provide them with the images, short videos and captions for promotion. Test out different influencers to check for the conversion rate. Repeat the shoutouts from accounts that give you more sales.

Promote other courses

Find out the best online courses from other creators in your niche that complement your course. You can find these on online course platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. Then, you can promote their course on your social media platforms and let them know that you are doing it. Once they see that you are responsible for getting the sales, they will promote your course. Thus, you’ll gain new students for your online course.

You can also recommend other courses from inside your online course. For example, if the scope of your course doesn’t cover a specific topic, you can suggest some other course that does. Those course creators can do the same for you.

Invite other teachers to teach a few topics in your course

One other way to partner with other course creators is to invite them to teach one or two topics in your course. These topics could be something they specialize in. Your students will appreciate the bonus expertise you add to the course. You can reciprocate in the same way for them. 

  1. Offer a free course

People are less prone to buy from people who they don’t know. So, to give them an idea of what you are offering through your course, you can create a small free course. Make this course as valuable as possible. This is where you get to show your expertise to your audience. It also gives them a teaser of all the benefits they might reap by completing the course. Then, post the link to the free course on all social media platforms. This can also serve as a lead magnet that you can use to create an email list.

  1. Paid ads on social media

One of the most amazing things about social media is the option of running paid ads on it. These ads are targeted to the people who are interested in your niche. So figure out where your ideal audience hangs out and run ads on that social media platform. This is the quickest way to get sales for your course.

Use these strategies to promote your course online and see the results. At Classplus, we will help you with all things related to online course creation and promotion. We will provide you with your own app so that you can promote your courses on social media platforms. There will be a dedicated marketing dashboard to manage all this in one place. Our aim at Classplus is to make all the technical processes smooth and easy so that you can focus on what matters the most – teaching!

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