Managing Student Behavior in Classroom | Classroom Management Tips

Apart from upskilling students in their academics, it is the main role of the teachers to make sure that their students learn how to behave well. One of the primary duties of the teachers is to teach their students moral values and positive behaviors. A teacher should always manage students’ behaviors in online classes as well as offline classes.

However, maintaining the positive behavior of the students may not be that easy when it comes to online education. A teacher should be well aware of some strategies to successfully manage their students behavior when teaching on online education platforms.

This blog will clearly explain some of the effective tips to easily manage student behavior in online education and also provides some essential classroom management tips. 

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1. Create Specific Rules for your Online Classes

From the classroom to road traffic, we have rules for everything to ensure the proper coordination of people. However, the rules may be violated if there are too many restrictions and are one-sided. 

To avoid that, you can create specific classroom rules along with your students. While creating them, you can explain the importance of each rule and why it has to be followed. This makes the students learn more about how to behave well and encourages them to follow the rules. 

You can do this by using app features such as the chat option that enables each student to send text messages while you are on the live call. This reduces time as you can collect ideas from all students at the same time- one of the benefits of online learning.

It is a common tendency of the children that they are more likely to follow something if it is created by them. They also influence their friends to behave properly according to the rules set. 

This process of creating rules at first and encouraging your students to follow them will prevent any misbehavior from one of the students in the future. 

2. Proper schedule

On the first day of your academic year, set up a proper schedule for the students to follow. Routines and schedules will help the students to go properly on their track. They should be aware of what is coming next, how they should be prepared, and more. 

One of the main advantages of online classes is that you can send materials, schedules, etc. to all of your students through the classroom management app.

Sometimes it is difficult for students to maintain a proper schedule while studying through online education platforms. So, it is always better to provide them a proper routine and encourage them to follow it.  

If you find any of your students are deviating from the routine, communicate with them in private and motivate them to continue their progress. It will help them experience the best online learning with you.

3. Be Supportive during Online Classes

Instead of interacting with your students only during class hours, always spend some extra time with each student to get to know them. By doing this, you can understand what every student is going through in their life and provide any help if necessary.

You can easily send a text message that you want to connect with them individually and allocate time for every student to speak with you. All these can be done in a single place- one of the major benefits of online education

Some students may misbehave because of their unsupportive family or circumstances. Conversing with them and supporting them accordingly will prevent them from misbehaving in the future. 

Fostering a great relationship with your students, helping them to solve their problems, speaking positively about them to their parents, and encouraging them when they struggle are some of the useful activities that prevent behavior issues in your students. 

Even if a student misbehaves at times, instead of yelling at them or giving negative comments to them, try to be in their shoes and understand the root cause. Try talking to the student in private and motivate him/her in a positive way. 

Students are likely to study more and stay focused if they are noticed and encouraged for that. Reward students who get good scores and behave well on a weekly or monthly basis. This promotes every student to behave well. Students would also encourage one another to be disciplined and to be responsible. 

4. Make learning interesting

Students may get bored if you keep on teaching the things that are given in the textbooks. They tend to lose their focus when you teach continuously for hours and hours. Give them small breaks in between or include some characters from movies or cartoons as examples to grab their attention back.

Try to teach your students in a practical way as much as possible. Include games or simulations to make learning an interesting thing for them. This also creates a positive impact of online learning on students.

5. Be a role model for them!

Children repeat more than they listen. If you want a student of a younger age to listen to you, you should make them repeat after you. That’s how children learn faster. Whatever the qualities you expect from your students, practice them by yourself and let them see how you do.  

Respect your senior teachers or the principal in front of your students and ask them to follow the same. These kinds of activities will encourage them quickly to behave positively and make them listen to you automatically. 

By doing this, you can set up higher expectations for your students. Make the students clearly understand how you want them to behave and say that you expect more from them. This prevents them from misbehaving. 

The Final Word

Always speak to them in a positive tone. Instead of threatening them for their mistakes, make them understand what their mistakes are and how to correct themselves. This makes a drastic shift in their behaviors and also provides a positive impact of online classes on students.

The ultimate aim of education is to prepare literate and well-mannered individuals for the future. The goal is the same regardless of whether it is offline or online learning. Moral qualities are also important apart from their academic skills. By following the above tips, you can effectively manage your students’ behavior and teach respectful qualities to them. Platforms like Classplus can help you manage all your students at one platform with a personalized app. Talk to expert to know more.

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