How to Manage Multiple Classes Online?

If you are a teacher who handles multiple courses and online classes, it would be difficult to manage those classes along with your personal life. Some may find it hectic and challenging to effectively manage multiple classes in online learning. Though online classes require teaching in the comfort of our homes, it is a bit stressful when you have multiple classes to handle. This blog will describe some useful strategies to manage multiple classes online successfully and gain benefits of online classes.

Prepare a Proper to-do list

When you handle multiple classes offline, you would have separate schedules to follow for separate classes. You would have a clear to-do list for each class. Likewise, have a separate plan for each online class so that you wouldn’t be confused. 

Keep track of your teaching done in different classes. By doing so, you would clearly know what is taught to a class till now and what is remaining. Just going through the list before starting the teaching will give you a quick idea of what to teach today for a particular class.

There are a lot of planners available online that can remind you of important dates of each class such as assessment date, result declaration date, etc. You can also synchronize your tasks to an online calendar which helps you accomplish things on time. 

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Seek help from Technology 

Technology makes everything easy for us. Do you think teaching is an exception? Obviously not. It may feel exhausting to handle multiple classes on a single day. However, technology will help you stay organized throughout the day and successfully manage multiple classes online.

Staying organized helps when we handle multiple things. You can do that using online technology tools. There are so many apps available online to download that help you plan your day and stay organized. By doing so, you can easily manage your time and handle classes without any stress. You can also use voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri to remind you of the tasks on time so that you wouldn’t miss any single event to be done. They work like your personal assistant which helps you manage your work effectively. 

Set Priorities for your Multiple works

Every work has its own priority. Doing everything on the same day might seem dreadful. When it comes to online education, you have to be aware of the tasks that have higher priorities. By prioritizing the tasks, you would know which has to be done first and which has low urgency. It doesn’t mean that you can forget about the low urgency tasks, but you can also do them later compared to the high priority tasks. By practicing prioritizing, you would be less stressed and only focus on one task at a time instead of accumulating all the tasks and worrying about them.

Set Goals

Goal setting is not only for the students. Teachers can also set goals to finish tasks effectively. Fix yourself some goals like this chapter has to be completed for this class by this week.  Setting goals will push you to do more and you will be motivated throughout the day. This makes teaching more interesting for you.

By doing this, you would find it easier to complete tasks faster, and keeping track of them would become more effortless. Setting goals and accomplishing them on time will keep you motivated which also inspires your students. 

Though you have multiple classes to handle, interacting with each student is essential to get to know them. You shouldn’t miss out on the interaction during every class. Spend time with each student individually and allot a separate time for students of each class. Make sure to ask for feedback from every class student and make them feel comfortable to provide genuine feedback. 

Feedback from multiple classes will help you evolve drastically and you would get a lot of suggestions for improving yourself.

The Final Word

Classplus is an online learning management platform that helps you create your own teaching app. By using this, you can effectively manage multiple online classes without any hassle. Following the above-mentioned strategies such as scheduling your tasks separately, setting priorities, using technologies to plan, interacting with every student, etc will help you manage your online classes effectively

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