Make money as a food blogger : Strategies for Content Creators

Have you ever wondered if your passion for cooking could actually help you generate monthly income? The answer is a big yes! It’s time to transform your hobby into a profitable business and make money as a food blogger

With the right strategies, your love for sharing recipes can result in a rewarding career. Let’s get into the kitchen of content creation and turn up the heat on your earning potential!

How Much Money a Food Blogger Makes in a Month?

make money as a food blogger

A food blogger’s earnings vary widely on the basis of several factors, such as:

  • Number of page views
  • SEO knowledge
  • Amount of effort put in generating food blogs
  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.)
  • Blog website etc. 

They can earn up to Rs 50-100 for every 1,000 page views from advertisements. If a food blog receives about 100,000 visitors each month, the blogger can earn between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 from ad revenue alone. 

According to data on Glassdoor, the average monthly income for a blogger in India is around Rs 93,227, with the possibility of additional cash compensation averaging Rs 72,263, which can range from Rs 9,153 to Rs 1,35,373. 

Different sources of income for content creators

make money as a food blogger
  1. Advertising revenue
  2. Launching online courses
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Sponsorships 
  5. YouTube ads
  6. Merchandise 
  7. Product promotion etc. 

Those food bloggers who have good knowledge about search engine optimizations (SEO) can substantially have higher income. They can earn a minimum of Rs 1-1.5 lakhs per month easily.  

Apart from this, depending on the efforts, consistency level, creativity etc. the monthly earnings vary hugely for food bloggers. 

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Ways to Make Money as a Food Blogger

1. Create an online course on your app

How to monetize a food blog? A Food blogger can easily launch their online course as they have already built a trust within a large number of audience by sharing their recipes and advice related to cooking. 

You can sell your cooking courses online through your own branded app and make money as a food blogger, where you can list all your recipe details and let your customers avail them by paying you some fixed amount. 

Platform like Classplus can be a great choice for you to launch your online cooking courses. It allows you to include video lessons, quizzes, and other interactive features that your course users can work through at their own pace.

make money as a food blogger

What kind of courses can you upload on your app?

  1. Time saving techniques in the kitchen
  2. A food photography course
  3. Social media savvy for food bloggers
  4. Easy recipes for everyday cooking
  5. A course on table manners and etiquette etc. 

How can you launch your online course with Classplus?

  • Take a FREE demo with our growth experts
  • Understand the product 
  • Get your branded app
  • Start selling your courses and earning money 

2. Social media collaboration

The most workable way to make money as a food blogger is by social media collaborations. It is very simple, you just need to create content with the product they have sent you and post it on your different social media platforms. 


Once you start doing these collaborations, you will understand the process and see how effectively you can make money through this.

The possibilities of getting social media collaborations as a food blogger are endless and you will keep on getting more opportunities once you have understood the process. 

To make this process even more approachable and easier, you should have an advertisement page for yourself where you can put all your details like your email address, phone number, list of brands you have worked with etc.  

3. Placing advertisements on your blog page

How to monetize a food blog? This is also a very popular way to make good money as a food blogger. Ask us how?

You give advertisers a chance to place their product details on your page and in return give you some money. 

Understanding advertisements on blogs:

There are two  different ways to manage this,

  • Through ad networks, or
  • Direct ad sales

Ad networks, like Google AdSense, act as intermediaries between advertisers and bloggers. With the help of an automated system they place ads on your blog that are relevant to your content. Whereas, with direct ad sales, you bypass the networks and sell ad space directly to advertisers.

How to place ads on your food blog?

  • Start by signing up with a service that connects bloggers with advertisers (like Google AdSense). They’ll give you a code to add to your blog, which will start showing ads to your visitors.
  • Once your blog gets popular, you can offer space directly to companies that fit with your blog’s theme. You’ll have to talk to these companies yourself and agree on how much they’ll pay you and help you make money as a food blogger.
  • Decide what kind of ads you want to show (pictures, videos, or text) and where to put them on your blog. 
  • Use tools to see which ads your readers click on the most and where they like to see them. Move your ads around or change them to make the most money, but make sure they’re not annoying for your readers. 

4. Coaching and consulting 

make money as a food blogger


Consider offering coaching and consulting services to make money as a food blogger. Once you have gained a lot of experience, you can consider providing guidance related to food blogging, food photography, recipes etc. related coaching or consultancies. 

People will pay for your knowledge and will be benefiting from it to start their food blog. We suggest you to start with coaching or consultancy services only if you feel like you are ready for it and have that quality of suggesting and guiding people. This could be a great monetization for food bloggers.  

5. Sell your recipe books/e-books

make money as a food blogger

Another great option to make money as a food blogger is to launch your recipe book or ebooks. We suggest you start with this only after you have developed a great audience base and established yourself.

Launching your recipe ebooks can give you a great leap in your food blogging career. The best part of selling ebooks is that there is no additional cost required, you can place these ebooks on your blog page itself without the involvement of any publishers.   

You can even opt to publish your books related to recipes, food photography tips, blogging tips etc. whenever someone will buy your book, you will receive a payment, another great monetization for food bloggers

monetization for food bloggers


So there you have it, turning your cooking skills and talent into an income generating business is absolutely doable. With the help of a food blog, you can share your love for cooking with others and help them grow. 

Stick with it, keep posting great content, and you’ll start to see your food blog bring in real money. Just like in cooking, the right ingredients and a bit of patience can lead to amazing results, food blogging also requires the same amount of effort and patience. Happy blogging!

Make money as a food blogger FAQs

Q1. Can you really make money as a food blogger?

A1. Making money as a food blogger is definitely possible through various channels such as sponsored content, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and selling their own products or services.

Q2. Do food bloggers make money from their blogs?

A2. Yes, many food bloggers make money from their blogs. The amount can range from a small side income to a full-time salary, depending on the blog’s reach and monetization methods.

Q3. How do you monetize a food blog?

A3. To monetize a food blog, you can place ads, partner with brands, use affiliate links, sell digital or physical products, offer paid subscriptions, or create and sell an online course or cookbook.

Q4. How long does it take to make money as a food blogger?

A4. It varies, but many food bloggers start to see some income within 6-12 months of consistent, quality blogging and effective monetization strategies.

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