How To Create And Sell Online Cooking Courses?

Almost everyone involves in cooking daily. Also, we can see that cooking has progressed from a hobby to a profession. Being a professional chef is not difficult these days, and they can try to expand their cooking knowledge by teaching classes if they so desire. As the world has adapted digital techniques, providing cooking courses has become more accessible, requiring only some time, hard work, and dedication. Online cooking courses are a great way to teach cooking while earning money. 

Both Indians and food enthusiasts are fascinated by food and different cuisines. Food lovers will always be curious about new cuisines and food varieties. Creating and offering online classes benefits both the educator and the learner because the educator can teach and the learner can learn from the comfort of their own homes.

How to start creating and selling online cooking courses

Before Creating Course


To get started, you should be a good chef or cook with expertise in a specific cuisine. You are creating a cooking course, so you must also be a good teacher because you will be teaching a particular class of cooking. If you are new to teaching, you should organize your resources and try a little education. 

Also, try giving a few people free classes to get feedback on the course you created or ran online. In addition to teaching your class, try to attend a few professional runs. Take lots of notes and ask a lot of questions. This will assist you in creating and hosting your online class.

Target Audience

Your target audience is significant. If you know what people want to learn, you can provide the same course to them; however, if your expertise is different from what people want to learn, you must be an expert in that specific content to create a course for your target audience. Once you’ve decided on your course content niche, you can look for an audience. Choose a subject that interests you, and you will be a better teacher.

Be active

As a content creator, you must be active in social groups and social media pages. Getting everyone together and forming an excellent social group will aid in the marketing and selling the courses you created. Once they have formed strong group bonds, you can share your course links, solicit feedback, and do other things.

Creating a course


Bringing the kitchen to the classroom entails getting everything you might need. Planning can keep you from forgetting essential materials. Make the recipe in your head while making a shopping list. Online cooking classes necessitate additional time for demonstrations, skill practice, and answering numerous questions. So, starting with a plan, you can organize the class.

Content creating

After planning, we must begin creating content. To start, we must select a specific cuisine or recipe because you cannot do two-three things at once.

  • Select only one recipe at a time.
  • Recipes in a cooking class will take longer to prepare than when you make them home.
  • Add steps to the content of the recipe.
  • A detailed menu (ingredients, descriptions).
  • Allergy or restriction questionnaire.
  • Include cleaning as part of the lesson.
  • Select recipe ideas that you have hands-on preparation for.
  • In each class, concentrate on one cuisine or one recipe.
  • Choose recipes that strike a balance between health and convenience.
  • Mention the cutlery that will be used. (oven, frying pan, or saucepan) Include the temperature, how long you’ll cook it, and how you’ll know when it’s done. Your students will appreciate the latter.
  • Show your students how to plate or serve their creations and display them on a plate.
  • Also, you can provide them with recordings of the online classes so they can use them later.
  • Remember to have fun! While teaching.


Choosing the best hosting platform is a critical step. Many in-built tools are required to host your online class, such as recording and saving your lectures, internal space, attendance management, etc. You can rely on the Classplus website for this, which provides you with a personalized app with any features you want to conduct your online cooking classes.

grow your coaching business

Most people nowadays enjoy creating and selling online courses as a side hustle. It is less expensive, takes less time, and is simple to promote and host online courses. Every industry, including education are adopting e-learning. Online learning is becoming increasingly popular. People prefer the comfort and accessibility of their homes to the difficulties of the daily commute to methods courses for personal development to explore new ways of developing their skills online.

If you are interested in creating and hosting online cooking courses, you should connect with Classplus. Classplus enables every educator to create and maintain an online presence on a platform by developing their own teaching app. Check out the link to book the demo.

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