How To Test Students’ Creative Skills?

Creativity is one of the essential skills for students to learn from a young age. Every profession in this world requires professionals to be creative in all aspects. So, it is one of the primary focuses of teachers to foster creative skills to learn in their classrooms and make their students succeed in the future.

How Can A Teacher Test Students' Creative Skills?

Creativity, Why is it necessary for students to develop? 

Creativity refers to the ability of a person to think out of the box. Every innovation that helped us live our life more efficiently required creativity. From farming to artificial intelligence, almost every field out there needs creativity. Let us look at the top seven ways to improve creativity for students. 

1 Enhanced motivation

A teacher’s primary responsibility is to be creative in the classroom. From delivering a lecture to providing assignments, teachers need to be innovative. It will motivate your students in academics without getting bored by the usual projects and homework. Being creative in assigning tasks and expecting students to be creative in completing them improves your students’ performance drastically. 

2 Boost confidence 

If your students try to be creative in accomplishing tasks, they will feel more confident about themselves since they discover something innovative. So, try to be open to embracing your students’ creativity and make them believe in themselves. 

3 Improves their problem-solving skills 

When students develop their creativity, they will start to think limitlessly. It will eventually improve their creative problem-solving skills since they can now find the solution in every possible way. 

4 Makes them interested to learn more 

As mentioned earlier, asking students to try different things out of creativity makes them more interested to learn without feeling exhausted. Teachers should encourage them to learn without limits and explore everything without boundaries. 

Activities to improve creativity in your students. 

Since creativity is essential for school kids to learn nowadays, we will look at the top nine ways to improve and test their creativity.

1 Make them learn creative skills

While teaching, try to include some techniques that improve creativity in your students. Instead of teaching the same way, try other ways to explain a concept. Apart from that, include activities like brainstorming, concept mapping, etc., to develop creative thinking skills for students. 

2 Make them imagine more

Creativity comes in hand with imagination. Students who imagine without any limits will think more creatively. Make them imagine more by encouraging them to write or tell a story, pick a movie and ask them to try a different climax, etc. Besides reading and writing, ask your students to try drawing creative pictures since it helps them think more imaginatively. 

3 Provide them with extra-curricular activities 

Students will automatically develop their creativity when they practice arts. So, instead of focusing only on academics, make your students try different extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, making arts, talk shows, plays, etc., and improve their creativity. 

4 Encourage them to adopt different thinking strategies

Every problem has multiple solutions to solve. Make your students practice divergent thinking strategies. For example, assign them a problem or case study and ask them to think about all the possibilities and give different solutions. Analyze every student’s performance and guide them on the right way to improve their creativity. 

5 Make them curious 

Besides teaching only the concepts in textbooks, make your students learn about other topics from newspapers or the internet. Increase their curiosity to learn more and explore everything that helps them develop their knowledge. Try to give them a topic to explore and ask everyone to search as much as possible. While searching, they would come across numerous facts and points which may develop their wisdom. 

6 Create a positive learning environment 

If you want your students to think creatively, make sure to provide them with a positive and friendly learning environment. Since creativity requires them to try out all possible ways, there are some chances for them to make mistakes. Be open to your students, embrace them and guide them in rectifying their mistakes. 

Some other skills are related to creative thinking, which teachers can teach along with creative thinking skills. For example, apart from teaching creative skills, try to teach lateral thinking, problem-solving, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, etc., to improve creativity in your students. 

To Wrap Up 

After adopting the above techniques to foster creativity in your classroom, you can test your students’ creativity by assessing them by asking out-of-the-box questions, which make them think deeply. Help your students to develop their creative thinking skills from today and make them shine successful in the future. 

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