How To Start Online Classes For UPSC? Step by-Step Guide To Follow

Are we all aware of what UPSC is and its importance? Let’s quickly recapitulate the UPSC exam, syllabus, and significance. The complete form of UPSC is the Union Public Service Commission. India’s central agency conducts the Civil Service Examination (CSE) for recruitment to higher civil services of the Government of India, including Indian Foreign Service, Indian Administration Service, and other central services and posts. It ranks first for the most challenging exam in India.

Importance of clearing UPSC (a) You become part of the bureaucracy and serve the nation (b) Comprehensive knowledge and your thinking perspective help in making the best decision for your nation (c) high salary (d) Diplomatic immunity (e) Other Service facilities and much more.

UPSC syllabus is conducted in three levels:

(i) Preliminary Exam

  • General Studies Paper-I
  • General Studies Paper-II 

(ii) Mains Exam

  • Nine theoretical papers

(iii) Interview – Personality Test

Many students enroll in coaching classes for UPSC both offline and online mode. Online courses will be a better option because of its unique features like it saves travel expenses and time, one can devote more time to study, and much more. If you are a tutor and want to start online classes for the UPSC exam and don’t know where and how to start? Do follow the given steps, which help you create your online class and market and sell your courses. 

Create your website and app

Before starting your online coaching class, it is necessary to have an authentic website and app from where students get details about your classes and through which you can conduct and manage the classroom more effectively. You can connect with Classplus, an educational platform for teachers that can help you create your coaching app according to your preference and budget. 

What details are to be provided? 

If you are providing classes and courses as per the UPSC syllabus and want maximum students to get enrolled, then provide details like:

  • Name of the coaching class/institute
  • Modules for each exam level
  • Duration
  • Number of students in each batch
  • Registration Procedure
  • Fees
  • Payment mode
  • Contact details
  • Name and designation of teachers
  • Reviews of former students
  • Discounts/coupons and much more. Giving necessary details shows the authenticity of your course. 

Want more enrollment in your course?

If you want to target more aspirants,, you can opt to advertise your classes through various social media platforms and educational portals. For example, every student uses Facebook and Instagram extensively; you can make study pages related to UPSC and share informative material as posts daily. On some days, you can post a quiz also. Following this, it will engage more aspirants on your page and in groups. Furthermore, when an aspirant searches for any topic on YouTube, you can advertise your coaching class before the video starts. 

Even on educational portals, you can advertise your classes. You must have heard of some education portals like Shiksha, sarvgyan, college dunia, and much more. Such outlets have free listing subscriptions to start with. This will help promote your coaching institute.  

Email Campaign

Almost everyone ends up checking their emails on their smartphone or laptop. We often receive promotional emails and such email marketing has the power to convert expected students into enrollments. Email campaigns will be beneficial in promoting the coaching classes.

Till now, we understand ways to create online classes and increase enrollment. But how do we conduct and manage types quickly and effectively? 

There are different Learning Management Systems that help teachers like you to run classes manageably. It is software that allows one to create, organize, manage, track reports, and delivers online educational courses to the students. Features of LMS make your online class highly creative and engaging. 

Tracking each UPSC aspirant’s performance is a must job as a teacher so that you can work on the weak subject of your students. 

Here, Classplus gives you to access features like 

Live classes and recorded lessons

You can set up multiple live classes with automatic recording if a student may miss out on something or have doubts. Features of recorded lessons after each live class give students more time to master their concepts. It also provides SSL security in live courses, ensuring zero data piracy. 

Assigning assignments 

You can easily create and assign assignments and tests with the app’s unique feature. For example, preparing UPSC needs proper strategy, and giving grants weekly can boost confidence and help them know which subjects they are lacking. With Classplus, you can scan physical question paper and create an online test within 60 seconds. 

Organized video lectures

As the exam is coming near, you can make an organized section of video lectures in your app. With that, you can also upload a mind map for different topics. It will help students to revise the issues more quickly and effectively at the last moment. 

Above are listed major steps to follow for starting an online class for UPSC as the exam demands more arduous preparation, so your style should be the finest. First, start your online class with the help and support of Classplus, which helps you manage a classroom, track performance, and sell your course, allowing students across the globe to access your study courses. Book your free demo to see how Classplus can help you boost your business and get your own app.

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