How To Launch A Teaching App? Benefits And Ideas

New technologies are modernizing our education system. e-Courses are making a foray into the daily lives of teachers and are fast replacing the conventional methods of teaching. Teachers worldwide are taking the help of web and mobile apps to make their classroom teaching interactive and fun for students. The influence of technology on education was boosted during the pandemic when the world’s education system shifted online. Thus, in this era of digitization, teaching app ideas are the most important to consider as they make online teaching convenient for teachers. 

Having discussed the importance of teaching mobile apps, it is also necessitous that we understand how to launch a teaching app. Therefore, we need to consider some critical elements while designing our app. But, before coming to ideas on designing and launching our teaching app, let us first look at the benefits of teaching apps

Benefits of Teaching Apps

E-course online is replacing the traditional classroom method of teaching. They make teaching convenient for teachers and learning suitable for students. Let us look at some other benefits of these apps.

  • The operational cost of teaching goes down as the cost of maintaining an e-learning software is relatively less when compared to the conventional ways of teaching as there is no cost of printing and distributing books, support staff, and infrastructure. 
  • Achieving your commerce goals is more accessible as your students can share the e-course online link to refer their friends.
  • It also helps in saving time since most of your class management work becomes automatic. Further, since your students learn at their pace, you are left with some spare time to focus on creating more e-courses.
  • You can track the performance of every student using data-driven analytics in-build in the mobile app

Ideas for teaching app

Let us now talk about the key elements your teaching app or course website should have to make your online teaching simple and hassle-free. In general, the design of your e-course app will depend on your course structure and the model of your online course. However, the following elements should be included in a teaching app

  • Login/Signup – Give your students multiple login options, like mobile number, email id, admission numbers, or linking their social media accounts. 
  • User profile – This segment will contain your e-course online user’s basic personal information, including name, grade, course name, email ID, and phone number.
  • Course Materials – The necessary course materials related to the student’s learning should be easily accessible through the e-learning software. This will contain various content like your video lectures, PDF documents, assignments, etc.
  • Notifications – There should be a provision within your app or course website to notify your students of essential updates, assignment due dates, payment reminders, etc. 
  • Search bar – Your app should be easy for the students to navigate. However, including a search bar will help them look out for any assignment or certain content they want to revise. 
  • Payments – Your students should be able to make secure payments through your teaching app itself. Including multiple modes of payment gateways like UPI, net banking, or cards will make it easy for your students to pay.
  • Feedback – Having a feedback section will help your students and parents reach out to you. Being accessible is an essential requirement for a good student-teacher relationship. 
  • Chatbox – A chatbox for students to leave comments on your lectures or interact amongst themselves will help make your e-course online interactive. 

How to launch your teaching app

Once you have decided on the features and elements of your app, you need to design your mobile app

  • Keep your UI user-friendly. Your students or their parents using the app shouldn’t have to use any tutorials in using your app.
  • Add the required content and information and your brand logo to your app interface. 
  • Test your mobile app and refine it if necessary. Test your app by a couple of trustworthy students to know about the bugs and improvements required. 
  • Publish it on the Apple store or the Google Play Store.

You now know the benefits of creating your teaching app and some ideas to implement it. You also learned how to create a teaching app. It is essential to take professional help in your app-building process. Classplus is the one-stop solution for all your teaching app hassles. You can get a customized app that takes care of your requirements.

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