How Safe Is The Google Meet App For Online Classes?

Since the pandemic, the google meet app has become as essential as a blackboard for teaching classes. Almost all teaching institutions relied on google meet and google classroom to continue teaching during the covid times. Even after that, google meet is one of the best options for teaching online courses. This blog will look at some of the safety features of the google meet app for conducting online classes

Importance of Google Meet App

With the Google meeting app, teaching online has become hassle-free as it allows up to 250 people to attend meetings and up to 1,00,000 people to attend live broadcast events. The integration with Google Classroom makes it easy for the students to access their study materials and join the online classes through the classroom app. 

It has a simple and user-friendly interface. It provides a real-time classroom experience because of its speed and high-quality audio and video. At the same time, Google meet ensures to follow the security and privacy measures, which makes it safe to use for conducting online classes. 

The single sign-on authentication feature of the Google meet app enables the students to join using their Google or Gmail id and doesn’t require them to create a new id for this. 

Safety features of the Google Meet App

  • Access Controls

Google meet aims to provide a seamless teaching experience by avoiding unnecessary interruptions. In google meet, the teacher who hosts the meeting can control the access to use various features provided by the app. They can control who can present, chat, mute, or unmute the mic, turn on and off video of the participants, and share their control with up to 25 other hosts.

  • Encryption 

Encryption prevents data from being accessed without authorization over the internet. The encryption techniques of the meet app also prevent the data from being stolen by third parties. The data shared over the google meet between the users and Google are encrypted safely and free from the risk of third-party access. The encryption is ensured in all forms of Google meets, such as the Google meet online web version, iOS, and Android.

  • Prevents abusive actions 

Google meet ensures to provide counter abuse practices to protect it from being misused. So it enables the hosts or admins to control whoever can join the google meeting and can reject the request of unknown participants. Instead of just leaving the call, the host can end the call for everyone so that the meet cannot be used again by anyone. 

  • Privacy measures 

Apart from safety features, Google ensures to meet the standard privacy measures to protect users’ data. The G suite used for education doesn’t sell data to any third parties and doesn’t use customer data for advertisement purposes. Though the Google meet offers accessibility from any device at any time, you can trust its Google cloud to protect your data. It protects data using a defense-in-depth approach by incorporating safety standards for DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) and SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol). 

  • Integration with Google Classroom 

The integration of Google meet with Google Classroom makes it even more secure by allowing only the students of the classroom to access the meet’s link. Because of the integration, the students can easily access the link directly from the classroom itself. Teachers can easily manage the links and provide them in the classroom. Students who join before the teacher are made to wait in a room and can join the meeting only after the teacher joins in. Unknown participants will be made to wait and can join only after the host grants permission. These features greatly help to ensure a secured classroom environment for online classes. 

  • Ad-free learning 

Google meet is provided with extra layers of security along with ad-free learning to ensure a seamless learning experience. With these features, students are not exposed to online threats, inappropriate ads, etc. that may disturb their learning. Google security checkups make your data be stored securely and maintain your account free from threats by implementing additional security features. 

In The End

Till today, Google meet is one of the best options for conducting hassle-free online classes. The easy controls and user-friendly interface help the students to attend their classes on their own without any external guidance. Apart from providing high quality and easy interface, Google meet ensures to protect its customer data by ensuring various safety methods. There are a lot of new features that are said to be added to the Google Meet app in the upcoming days to enhance the online learning experience. Create your own customized teaching app with a lot of excellent features using Classplus, one of the largest, trusted online learning management platforms in India. 

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