Attending Students doubts in Online Classes

As online classes have become increasingly mainstream, communication between teachers and students becomes even more critical. Teachers do a great job in delivering their learning plans. However, given that everyone is unique and has a different pace of learning, doubts and understanding gaps are inevitable.

These doubts, if left unanswered, can bring about substantial learning gaps in students. Now, this is something we do not ever want to happen. So then, how do we ensure that every doubt of every single student is taken care of? Proper communication is the key to this question. Do not worry; we will not leave you with this general solution. Let us understand a live classroom scenario to understand the answer.

Types of Online Classes

Online classes can be of the following two forms:

  1. Recorded videos – In such classes, teachers generally post the learning videos on streaming platforms like YouTube. Some coaching institutes like Byjus and Ahaguru may steam their recorded sessions on their learning platforms. 
  2. Live sessions – Many teachers prefer classroom live sessions over recorded videos. These may be again. 
  • One to one private coaching
  • One-to-many, classroom-like coaching.

How to answer doubts

The optimal way to attend doubts of your students will vary on the type of online learning class. Let us look into the solution in detail now.

One-to-one live coaching

The student gets the undivided attention of the teacher. Therefore, one may assume chances of learning gaps are minimal in such classes. But, doubts are inevitable, especially when taking up new topics or concepts in a classroom online

Since you are taking one-to-one classes, you know your student’s strengths and weaknesses. We would recommend you to 

  • Come prepared to explain the concept in multiple ways. 
  • Some subjects like Math and Science are better explained by solving the problem by writing it out or drawing figures and diagrams. Invest in some gadgets like a writing pad and stylus that enables you to scribble on your screen/ digital board with ease. 
  • Keep your screen shared during the entire duration of the online learning process so that the student doesn’t miss any part of your explanation.

If you are a private tutor taking one-to-one classes, you should connect with Classplus where all your tutoring needs are taken care of in one app. This free-to-use app will let you communicate seamlessly with your students to help you solve their doubts in your classroom online.

Free illustrations of Remote

One-to-many live classes

One-to-many classroom management is tricky as the teacher has to juggle between delivering her lesson and ensuring that the students are engaged and paying attention. Resolving students’ doubts in between seems to be an uphill task. However, with a bit of planning, this can be done efficiently.

  • Allot some time towards the end of the class for a Q&A session.
  • Ask your students to post their doubts in the comments section of your video calling app.
  • If possible, have a fellow teacher for class management. Ask your help to go through the doubts and pass them on. 
  • Alternatively, you can collect doubts on a messaging app like Whatsapp. Create a relevant class group and ask your students to post their doubts on the group. You can then take them at the beginning of your next class. 

The trouble that most online teachers face is too many apps on their devices. We need a video-conferencing app, a messaging app, an organizing app, and a payment app. And then, we have to remember the login id and password for all the apps. How about you get all these functions in one app customized for your class management. Sounds magical.  

Have you checked Classplus? They promise to make your online education service hassle-free. You can get your all-in-one app designed by their team, and the best part is that this classroom management tool is pocket friendly. 

Recorded video sessions

Many times, live sessions are not possible. In such cases, teachers record their content in modules and post it on various platforms. Adults and children of higher grades mainly prefer this style. Although recorded sessions are convenient for both teachers and students, there are high chances of learning gaps in such types of online classes.

Do you want to know how to answer your students’ doubts even when your online courses consist of just recorded sessions?
  • Form open-ended WhatsApp or Telegram groups where teachers and students can communicate efficiently. Please encourage your students to post their doubts in the group.
  • If you prefer to publish your videos on YouTube, you can ask your students to post their doubts in the comments section.
  • Comb through the doubts and list essential and most frequently asked questions.
  • Sometimes, you will notice that many students repeat similar or related questions. You can combine these queries into one question group.
  • After gathering the doubts and queries of your students, you can make one video separately to answer these.
  • You can also choose to go live on YouTube. This way, you can answer any counter-questions your students might have on your solution to their doubts.
  • If required, be prepared to plan another video around the topic which you find to be the most troubling for your students. Go slow and explain in detail in this video.

In conclusion, we would like to say that attending to students’ doubts in online classes is as simple as physical ones. But, first, you need to plan and communicate effectively. As a teacher, if you wish to expand your online coaching business then we at Classplus are here to help you. Get your own coaching app with amazing and easy to use app features and reach out to larger number of students across the country.

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