How Much Online Teachers Could Make By Teaching English Online

As physical classroom-based teachers move to online platforms and people across all industries look for flexible, well-paying employment they can do from home, teaching English online is a fast-expanding industry, particularly in light of the current global coronavirus problem. Fortunately, online teachers offer a solution! The big question is, however, can you make a living as an online English teacher? Although your skills and the particular job will determine your salary when teaching English online, you may anticipate earning between INR 800 to 2000 as a beginner-level English teacher. So, we’ll see how you can increase your pay as an online teacher by discussing the factors for the same.  

Factors affecting payout of online English teaching

In a nutshell, your employer, the number of teaching hours, your credentials and experience, and your basic salary and bonuses all factor into how much you are paid for teaching English online. While some online English teaching platforms offer flat-rate remuneration per hour, others let you choose your hourly rate. Therefore choose your teaching platform wisely. In addition, you need to factor in the following aspects to understand how much money you can make while teaching English online.

TEFL certification

Becoming a strong candidate for an online English teacher will help you get off to a good start. Teachers with a TEFL certification and strong interviewing abilities will get higher salaries from employers. Many organizations are looking for native English speakers. A TEFL certification will improve your chances of getting hired at your chosen company. In addition, a TEFL teaching certificate can guarantee higher pay if jobs are high in demand.

The teaching company

There are a few things to remember when looking for online English teacher jobs. First, you should look for a company that provides regular promotions, flexible schedules, and a contract that meets your needs if you want to maximize your teaching pay and have a fantastic experience. A company that offers training and teaching resources is a benefit if you are new to online English instruction.

Starting your search with companies specializing in TEFL jobs is a smart idea! While some businesses benefit from being on time and the flexibility to teach from your smartphone, others have tight guidelines regarding what to dress during your online classes and how far in advance you must schedule them. It is important, therefore, to be cautious while choosing a teaching company.

Performance-based pay

A lot of learning is involved when teaching English as a foreign language online. Because of this, many businesses will offer you a trial term to assess how much you develop. If you improve your performance, enroll in more classes, receive positive feedback from students and parents, and adhere to the rules established by your employer, you’ll probably be able to acquire a promotion or a pay raise in a matter of months.

The amount of money you may earn as an online English teacher mostly depends on the effort you’re willing to put forth. Further, some companies might use a points system or mandate that you handle your marketing.

The time factor

There are many different kinds of online English teachers out there, including the globetrotter looking for some extra cash to support their travels, the entrepreneur with the amazing side gig who works a few extra hours on top of their full-time job, and the dedicated full-timer who works an average of 40 hours per week in the classroom!

There are options for you to teach English online and earn money no matter who you are or what you decide to become. Numerous online English teachers are employed by businesses that frequently post job openings. Make the most of your online English teaching pay by accepting all the classes offered to you at first or being flexible with your scheduling.

Teaching experience

Having prior teaching experience is another requirement for English teacher jobs that result in greater pay. Certain online teaching businesses will expect a minimum experience to entitle them to employment or fall into an elevated income framework. Therefore, all experience, including tutoring, homeschooling, babysitting, coaching, training, or engaging in any type of work with children, frequently counts when teaching English online.

In addition, consider any occupations you may have had, such as daycare or substitute teaching. These all serve as teaching experiences and will help raise your payout in English teacher jobs.


Make sure you share any positive feedback you receive from your students and parents. You will draw attention to your excellent work and raise your earning potential when you share them with your company or on social media. For example, you might begin working for one organization to get expertise, then switch to better-paying English teacher jobs after your contract expires.

Network with other English teachers to find out what additional chances there might be. Networking with the right people will help you get a better job and pay.

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