Best Online Exam Software For Tutors

The world has made a shift. Everything is online, from office to school to medicine, so how do you figure out the good old regular exams? Online exams are quite helpful for educators as they are efficient. So many apps and exam software to choose from. We bet you are as confused as we were. But do not worry. We at Classplus have compiled a list of the best online examination software that emerges from countless debates. 

What is one supposed to look for to determine whether THIS is the online examination system that is the best? Well, not all educators have the same needs, so make sure your decisions are based on your classroom needs. 


It is an online evaluation program that is cloud-based and used by educational institutions, training institutes, and businesses. Its AI-powered technology automates the entire assessment process while also allowing for intelligent assessment and remote proctoring. With a long number of features, this platform firmly establishes itself as one of India’s best online examination software. Features like remote proctoring help you to maintain track of candidates’ overall activities. During the mock test, you can perform online video streaming or take images of the candidate once a set amount of time has passed. Educators can use the safe exam browser technology to restrict the opening of any other windows during the online examination. Negative marking, random questions, and variable marking are some of the features that can be used to construct online tests. The teachers can also create an online test series that can be used to prepare for a variety of competitive exams.

This exam software offers three types of tests:

  • Aptitude Test: This type of test assesses reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
  • Personality Test: This type of test assesses personality traits like teamwork, leadership, time management abilities, etc.
  • Domains Specific Test: This type of test assesses practical and functioning knowledge. 
  • EzExam

This is an online examination software that can be customized to enable teachers to conduct both online and offline exams. This software is appropriate for both educational institutions and businesses. You can use any device to access the platform, including laptops, phones, and tablets. One of the best features of the software is how well it corroborates data and that it only requires the internet at the start and end of an exam making the software very accessible. An Excel file can be used to import a list of students, who can then log in to the portal using their pre-assigned roll numbers. However, logging in is not required to take a test. You can also build public tests that anybody can access by clicking on a link. When a mock test has been completed, educators and test takers can access the results, as well as detailed analytics by subject and topic, to help inform the progress trajectory and plan.

  • Schoolzpro

This online exam program was created by brilliant minds coming together, including instructors, students, and school officials, to ensure that it meets all of the educational institution’s demands. From mock tests to post-exam result analysis, this comprehensive and safe exam browser assists institutions in managing the entire examination process. The application is accessible for Android, iOS, and the web. The platform’s extensive feature set and ease of use make it India’s best online examination software. You can use this online exam software to perform both objective and subjective tests. Most existing online examination software only allows you to conduct objective exams, but this allows you to do subjective exams on the same platform without any effort. It is as simple as uploading subjective question sheets and asking students to scan their answers sheets and upload their photos. 

Additionally, this online test platform saves time by letting educators check answer sheets in real-time. This also helps the students as they get their results fairly quickly. Lastly, the reason this software is widely loved is the confidentiality features it offers. Known for its security and privacy, it condones fairness.

  • Creatrix Campus

This is an OBE-compliant online examination system. It is a comprehensive and cutting-edge software that automates the exam procedure and saves time. It works both on desktop and mobile phones. Online exams are conducted both online and offline using this platform. The technology allows the institutions to save time, money, and labor by automatically publishing exam results. The development of exam timetables and the assignment of invigilators are both parts of the pre-exam processing. The entire planning and scheduling procedure is simple to automate. Teachers and administrators can use the examination system to customize exam kinds, send out exam schedules to students, and allow students to register for exams quickly. It also provides teachers with data-driven charts on each student’s performance. The Dashboard on the App or Web site can be used to see the detailed performance reports. 

The Final Word

These are a few of the top choices in the market for online examination software today for teachers. The quest to search for the perfect online exam software might never be ending, but Classplus offers all kinds of teaching services that make your life as an online educator very easy. From offering to build your own app, online assessments, your website, live class software, etc., you get a complete package with us. 

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