5 Easy Tips To Create Online Tests For Students

Tests and assessments are an essential part of our education system. They help both teachers and students to assess themselves. With online education becoming popular, the online tests for students is becoming standard these days. Even high-end competitive exams like Olympiads are going online. However, not many teachers are comfortable with creating an online tests for their students.

Contrary to their belief, the online exam process is easy. Here, in this post, we shall strive to simplify the online test-taking process for you. First, let us go through 5 easy tips to create an online student exam. These tips will make the test-creating process effortless for you.

Objective of the test

Deciding on your online quiz test’s objective will help you plan for the assessment. For example, a competitive mock test paper will differ from a school exam paper. Similarly, a quick test at the end of the lessons is meant to assess whether or not the child has grasped the topic. But, a half-yearly or annual end-of-the-term examination is intended to evaluate the comprehensive performance of a student. 

Of course, the online quiz test objectives are different, and their format and planning will also vary. Ultimately, any assessment aims to understand the student’s learning and development. Therefore keeping the objective of the test in mind will keep a teacher on the right track while compiling questions for the online test

Format of the test

An online mock test can be created using a variety of platforms and in multiple formats. Once you are decided on the objective of your assessment, determining the structure of your mock test paper becomes clear. This is the most crucial feature of your test creation process. Once you are clear on the format, you must add questions to your test. Next, select the questions you want to incorporate into your online exam

Different types of questions will serve different purposes. For example, the multiple-choice pattern is intended to assess the depth of understanding in a student, while the long answer type assesses the breadth of a topic. Then there are assertion-reasoning types, fill-in-the-blanks, and true-false types. Finally, you as the teacher, have to decide on which type of questions fit your mock exam objective.

Keep a question bank ready

Having your repository of questions helps make the test creation process easy and saves your time during those rushed exams. Besides, teaching to the test curriculum becomes easy too. You can start by creating and uploading a few questions from each format in an excel sheet. Keep on adding to your question bank as the term progresses. You and your colleague can share your questions. A few figures or words can be tweaked to get new questions for your mock exams

Thus, both of you can add questions for your mock exams to your depository. Another strategy is to keep your question bank organized by tagging or color-coding your test questions based on the exam type, difficulty level, and topic names. Creating an organized question bank is not a job that can be accomplished in a day. It will take time, but once done; it will make your test creation process effortless.

Test your test

Errors in the online mock test may arise from anywhere. It could be a system error when you copy your questions from your question bank to the test paper or typos made by you. Therefore, checking your assessment before publishing or presenting it to your students is essential. This will not only save your embarrassing moments but also add a professional touch to your assessment, thus adding sincerity to it. 

You can create a dummy student and ask your colleague to appear for a mock test to check for any potential errors. Double-check your school platform if you intend to ask your students to upload their answer sheets on your school test website. This is essential because students tend to get anxious if the platform is not working correctly, affecting their performance adversely. 

Choose the right technology

The right technology for an online exam is important on two counts; first, it creates a pleasurable experience for students and checks any malpractice during the test-taking process. Have the right software to proctor your original as well as mock test. If you plan to create and publish forms for quizzing your students, it is a good idea to capture their responses on a sheet. 

Further, your app or test website should be able to access these responses and generate an automated report card for your students, giving a detailed overview of their performance. Generating report cards are an essential aspect of the evaluation process and should not be ignored.

Final Note

Now that you know how simple it is to create an online test for your students, wouldn’t it be great to tell you that we have just the right technology to implement all these tips? Whether you want to create your question bank or generate your report cards, an app custom-made to your requirements will be the best and most convenient technology. Classplus will provide you your own app the right software for you that will integrate all these features into one platform. 

Not only will you be able to create different types of online exams with different question types, but you will also be able to grade them and generate personalized assessment reports for your students at the click of a button. To get an app that takes care of all your teaching to the test needs, connect with Classplus team today!

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