What are the benefits of online exams, both economically and mentally?

The covid pandemic has made us realize that education is not limited to the classroom and can be imparted and received by anyone at any time and place. We are all aware of benefits of online exams and classrooms and courses available to us either through school or some e-platform. But how can one evaluate the students’ performance whether they understand the topic or not? So, online exams have been conducted to track student performance more effectively. However, many teachers find it challenging to manage and track student reports as this digital way of imparting knowledge is new. Let us see some of the benefits of online exams both economically and mentally.


Through online mode, students can give exams from any place and can save a lot of time. It provides flexibility of time and place to students and teachers and administrators as well. Assembling numerous students in the exam hall, hiring invigilators, printing question papers, ensuring convenience for all students, and much more are eliminated in online exams, saving both time and expensive processes. Teachers can easily manage and conduct exams online. It provides flexibility both for teachers and students to have online exams smoothly.


Do many people doubt whether this online exam method is secure or not? And students can easily cheat in online exams as no one sees them. This kind of saying is impractical or pointless because the online examination system made sure that exams must be conducted with a fully secured system. There should be no room for running any kind of cheating or other unlawful practices.

With the help of a microphone and webcam, the exam surveillance is highly maintained. It further leads to building a more vital mutual trust and transparency between teachers and students. So, the online exam is highly secured.

Digital Advancement + Eco-Friendly 

Do you remember how offline exam was conducted? Well, yes! Those pen-and-paper-based exams. The traditional method of printing question papers, paper records of each student, and much more. But online exams ensure to go paper-free. This type of exam saves a lot of paper as we know cutting down trees has adversely impacted climate change.

So, this type of exam made sure to use technology at its best. It has reduced paper-pen cost and students and teachers are more digitally upgraded. Such online exams have enhanced the quality of education and helped teachers track and evaluate student performance more effectively. Such technological advancement has scaled up the evaluation process much better. 

Online Exams Reduce Student Anxiousness

We have seen a lot more times that students feel anxious before giving an offline exam and under stress, aren’t able to memorize and attempt the paper correctly. But through online mode, students are more relaxed. For this, there must be many reasons.

  1. Students give their exams in the comfort of their homes.
  2. No disturbance from other students who keep on asking questions before the exam.
  3. Be more calm and relaxed.

Stress-Free Management

Many schools and colleges use LMS, i.e., Learning Management System which has made management much more accessible. It made conducting and giving online exams more reliable both for teachers and students, respectively. Calculate and generate results instantly and accurately. LMS has made online education run smoothly. It gives essential features like a responsive interface, interactive gamification, multi-lingual, etc. So, there is no chance of mistakes and one can easily manage the process of conducting an online exam with no stress. 

Final Note

Classplus allows teachers and institutions to manage their classrooms digitally from any place and at any time. Classplus not only helps teachers to create their own app apps but also to sell their courses. In addition, it helps coaching centers expand in an online environment while offering unique features like live classes, online assessment, marketing your provided course, and much more, which further builds a more robust digital infrastructure for your coaching center or institutions. 

From teaching classes to online tests all tasks can be done smoothly with the help of Classplus. At the same time, many teachers and students find online exams more beneficial both economically and mentally. 

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