7 Best School Marketing Strategies In 2022

Digital marketing is growing more dominating and prominent in influencing the target audience in the current environment when more and more people prefer digital media to traditional ones. Schools used to rely only on their reputation and word of mouth, thus, they didn’t need school marketing strategies. Because millennial parents are more technologically adept and rely on the internet to make informed decisions, the importance of school marketing has grown.

Many millennial parents who might normally be very interested in what a school offers may neglect schools that don’t have an active marketing strategy. Here is a list of our top 7 recommendations for school marketing strategies in 2022.

Social media

Currently, 4.59 billion people utilize social media globally, equivalent to nearly 42% of the population. Millennials’ most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media platforms have evolved greatly from their early days and now provide a wide range of education marketing strategies.

However, your aim should always be the same, regardless of the social media channel you choose to use: build trusting relationships with your target audience by producing interesting content.

Mobile-friendly website 

For a few years now, more people have been using mobile devices to access the internet than either desktop or laptop computers. Since there are expected to be 7.7 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2027, no school that wants to thrive in the education business can afford to ignore a mobile-friendly website and optimized landing page as a marketing plan for school admission.

A website must be responsive, all links and navigational elements must be simple to click, and page loading times shouldn’t be more than three seconds to be considered mobile-friendly.


Keywords and language are no longer the only factors in SEO today. Google Analytics is dynamic, and only websites with solid technical foundations will appear in the top search results. This means that even if your web pages are perfectly language-optimized, you still risk failing your marketing plan for school admission if your website is full of technical issues like 404, missing or broken XML sitemaps, slow page loads, duplicate material, irrelevant information, etc. However, you might need the help of a web developer to technically optimize your website. Schools, therefore must employ a technical SEO marketing strategy.

Get reviews

It is common knowledge that 90% of customers check online reviews before purchasing. Online reviews ought to be a crucial component of any school’s marketing plan because of this. Making the review process as simple as possible is the greatest method to persuade students to submit reviews online and is one of the best school marketing strategies to follow.

Make sure to reply as soon as possible to the internet reviews you get. Don’t dismiss negative reviews, but don’t ignore them either. Every unfavorable comment you get should be viewed as a chance to demonstrate to potential clients how you handle the worst-case scenarios.

Video content

The importance of school marketing via creating engaging video content is high since a large audience can be catered to by making interesting videos and posting them online. Education marketing marketers rarely need to seek far for school marketing examples because instructional material is one of the most well-liked categories of video content.

They only need to convert already-existing services into entertaining videos and post them on popular video-sharing websites like YouTube. Sharing videos of your student’s achievements is an excellent school marketing plan example.

Media attention 

You need to keep critical awareness of the most recent advancements in the education sector if you want to keep on top of the news and catch the media’s attention. You can stay ahead of the competition in your endeavors by keeping up with the most recent news and acting on it.

One such school marketing plan example is to keep tabs on the most recent educational developments and invite your faculty to share their perspectives in a pitch. You may make use of their experience to attract media and industry attention.

Create brand awareness 

In a school marketing plan context, brand equity and awareness cannot be emphasized enough. The defining characteristic that makes private school marketing strategies stand out is its brand, which includes the motto and crest of the school as well as visual cues, educational initiatives, and campus identity. In this sense, branding is essential to accomplish school marketing plans.

Consistency is crucial if you want your school branding to have the biggest impact possible. Private school marketing strategies should make an effort to promote the same brand across all marketing channels, including traditional, social, and digital.

You shouldn’t have trouble successfully implementing your private school marketing plan if you use these 7 marketing tactics. You can also rely on education marketing strategies specialists to make your offering stand out.

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