How to Create Engaging Content With Research Tools as a Teacher


Learning how to create engaging content at this point is crucial for current learners and professionals who need to navigate through the labyrinth of competing ideas to find one that is enjoyable or most relevant. But, again, this is where research tools come in handy. Here are 10 Research Tools to Help a Teacher Create Engaging Content.

Students of all ages are bombarded with a plethora of information, often overwhelming them and leaving them lost on what to do next. In addition, the pressure of producing good content can be overwhelming and make a topic hard to comprehend. 

1. Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar can be a helpful way for a teacher to search for research on a topic of interest. Google Scholar has been linked with more than ten million academic journal articles and links to student research papers from thousands of universities and other organizations. The simple use of this tool can lead to hours of informative reading, helping students determine the most useful sources on their topic of choice.

2. Thesaurus to create engaging content provides a free online thesaurus to help users find synonyms for words or phrases in their documents. Using a thesaurus is a great way to help move from common words that are widely used.

To find better and more interesting ways of saying the same thing. Synonyms don’t always lead directly to original ideas, but they can make for a way to keep things fresh when pursuing new topics.

3. Education Portal – OER (Open Educational Resources)

Open Educational Resources are materials created by educators and available through the Internet for use in teaching, learning and research. OER is a constantly evolving body of materials, and users can search for items labeled for reuse under a creative commons license, or maybe free of copyright restrictions.

4. English Language Teachers Association

The English Language Teachers Association (ELTA) offers a range of free resources for teachers. These resources include webinars, member-only websites and online communities, plus various additional tools designed to help teachers build and improve their workshop content. The ELTA also presents workshops and conferences worldwide, where teachers can hone their skills in front of a large audience.

5. Education Resource, Guides and More 

Education Resource, Guides and More have over 150 free resources for teachers of English on all levels. Continue to learn about the language before beginning your teaching career by checking out their free resources: word lists, vocabulary quizzes, tips and more.

6. Ngram Viewer

The Ngram Viewer is a search tool that lets users assess the frequency of words in different publications over time. The Ingram viewer shows how many occurrences of each word occur in books during different periods, allowing a user to quickly see if there is an increase or decrease in the use of particular words over years or decades.

7. The IRN Bookshop

The International Reading Association (IRN) offers teachers a wide variety of free books, journals and handbooks. No matter your age or subject, the vast selection of materials available should be able to help you hone your skills as an educator.

The International Reading Association also offers workshops designed to help educators develop their methods in the classroom, offering a chance to test out what works best for each lesson or topic.

8. Create Engaging Content with Common Craft

Common Craft provides free videos to help make complex topics easier to understand, offering step-by-step guides on various topics in technology, business and math. Common Craft also offers classroom teachers tips to help students better understand the topics they are learning.

9. EnglishCentral

EnglishCentral offers free English language tutorials and resources on a wide range of topics, all geared towards helping people improve their skills in the English language. All teachers, whether new or experienced, will be able to find something that can help them develop their methods for teaching a topic.

EnglishCentral also offers a variety of other tools for teachers such as writing tips, reading suggestions and more. This can be useful when trying to figure out how best to approach a lesson or topic.

10. provides free online access to various dictionaries, reference materials and more. Dictionaries provide students with a look into the meaning of common phrases, words and acronyms they may run across in their studies.


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Although most of these tools are intended for teachers, they can be used by anyone. By learning how to create engaging content using some of these tools, students can also learn to better see potential and avoid potential pitfalls while developing their ideas.

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