5 Easy ways to take attendance for online classes


Maintaining attendance records is not a big deal in a traditional classroom. However, marking attendance in a virtual classroom is a bit challenging since teachers cannot see every student directly and mark their presence. Yet there are some ways to effectively take attendance for your online classes. This blog will look at some of the practical strategies to mark attendance in your virtual classroom. 

  • 1. Manual roll call

This method may seem like an old-fashioned one yet effective. You can call each student’s name manually and mark their presence in a register like how you did in traditional classroom learning. This is one of the easiest ways of marking attendance in an online classroom and at the same time, you would get a feel of interacting with every student at least once in every class. 

This method may seem easier but consumes more time especially when there are more students logged in. Unlike the traditional classroom, you cannot see whether every student remains logged in even after giving the roll call. This method would be a problem when there is slow or improper internet connectivity. Proxy attendance might also happen in this method of roll call. 

  • 2. Online polls 

If you are taking a long session, your students might tend to lose focus and find it difficult to remain engaged throughout the session. By conducting online polls, you can grab their attention and also mark their attendance. Most online webinar platforms are providing this poll feature and you can easily conduct a poll by asking a question from your subject. 

Conducting short online polls in the middle of your online class keeps your students engaged and they will actively participate. You can also view how many students have attended the poll and based on that you can mark the attendance. However, students with poor internet connectivity, who are not able to answer the poll may have a chance of getting marked as absent.

  • 3. Noting down the logins

This is one of the time-saving methods of taking attendance in your virtual classroom. You don’t need to call your students one by one to mark their presence. Every student while logging in will enter using their ID and password and these details can be noted from the backend. You can mark the attendance from there once the class is over or even in your free time. 

One of the main advantages of this method is proxy can be eliminated since every student has their own credentials and doesn’t share them. However, we are not sure whether every student remained logging in throughout the entire session. 

  • 4. Feedback forms

In this method, you can just share a google form with your students asking whether they have attended the class or not. To avoid fake entries, you can share them in the live session so that students who have logged in are only able to fill them out. 

To know whether your students remained active throughout the session, you can add some takeaways questions in the form or ask for some feedback. By doing this, you can note down the number of students who attended your class and also check whether they were attentive. This method also eliminates proxy as every student’s credential is needed to answer the feedback form. This method also requires some time for the students to fill out the form but not as long as the manual roll call.

  • 5. Attendance tracking software

Since learning and teaching have evolved to the next level, using the traditional methods for taking attendance will not be so constructive. Technology has greatly eliminated the need to manually call out every student’s name and helps to save time. 

Almost all learning management platforms have this attendance tracking feature that accurately marks every student’s attendance. This feature tracks the number of classes logged in by every student in your classroom. This feature greatly saves your time and effort and also eliminates the chances of proxy attendances. 

Classplus is one of India’s leading platforms for teachers, that offers numerous excellent features to make teaching easier for the teachers. The platform comes with a smart attendance feature that accurately marks the attendance of every student and sends the attendance reports to their parents. With Classplus it is effortless to manage the entire classroom’s activities and to track your student’s attendance through its built-in attendance tracking feature. 

The Final Word

Since technology has transformed every tedious and time-consuming activity into much simpler and quicker ones, online attendance tracking is not an exception. Teachers may find it difficult to accurately mark down their students’ attendance in online classes, but it can be effectively managed if you follow the above-mentioned strategies. It is a much wiser option to use automated attendance tracking software to properly utilize your time in teaching without wasting it by manually taking attendance. Connect to classplus and get your own app for taking attendance or managing any other works for your class.