Why is the Students Attendance Management System Important?

Attendance is taken every day in schools and colleges to keep track of the number of students present. Since our kindergarten days, it is the first and mandatory step to be done before beginning the class. Taking attendance every day helps determine the average percentage of students’ presence throughout the year and the dropouts rate.

However, there are a lot of disadvantages to using the manual method of taking attendance. It consumes a lot of time if there are a lot of students in the classroom and it affects the teaching time. The manual calculation may go wrong if not done carefully. And there are chances of students giving proxy attendance.

Considering these drawbacks of the traditional method of taking attendance, the student attendance management system is brought up. This blog will explain the importance of implementing a student attendance system in your institution.

Importance of a student attendance management system

A student attendance management system is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that helps track the students’ presence in a classroom by automatically recording their attendance. The attendance is taken by registering the individual login credentials used by the students while signing in to the session. Using this system, teachers can keep track of their student’s attendance accurately from any device at any time. Parents can also monitor their child’s attendance and leave records using this attendance and leave management system.

Accurate recording of attendance

Manually checking whether a student is present or not may not be so accurate and there might be a chance of mistakenly marking a student absent even when they are present. However, the student attendance management system is so precise in keeping the attendance, and students cannot perform any proxy to take attendance.

At the same time, the system also notes down the exact login time of every student, and thereby teachers can identify the latecomers. Teachers can track the attendance and calculate the average so accurately using this automated system. 

It saves a lot of time

Teachers calling out every student’s name individually and marking their attendance in every class they handle is time-consuming and becomes more tedious for online learning. In addition, some students may not be able to unmute their mic and inform that they are present as soon as a teacher calls out their name because of internet connectivity issues. As a result, such students may be marked as absent even though they have attended the class. 

Such mistakes could be avoided by using the student attendance management system. The system dramatically helps to save both teachers’ and students’ time as the attendance is recorded as soon as the student logs in or gives biometrics. 

Analytics and report generation

One of the most important advantages of implementing a student attendance management system is that it can generate analytics for every student’s attendance within seconds. For example, suppose you want to know whether a student regularly attends the classes. In that case, you have to turn many pages in the attendance register and do calculations manually if you use the old attendance tracking method. However, a student attendance management system will generate weekly, monthly, or yearly reports for every student within a few seconds. 

Using this automated system of tracking the attendance, you can do even the tedious and time-consuming calculation of the average in no time with fewer or no efforts without any errors.

Keeping parents aware of their child’s attendance

You don’t have to wait to report every child’s attendance to their parents until you meet them in person. You don’t even have to call their parents for that. The automated system will send notifications to the parents on the reporting time of their children to school. Parents will get real-time updates on the online attendance and logging-in time as soon as their children report without any delay. 

Parents will get to know when their child misses even a single class. Updating parents in real-time about their child’s daily attendance will significantly reduce the dropout rates, and students would not skip classes unnecessarily without informing their parents. 

Data is secured and centralized

The attendance tracking data stored in the attendance management system is secured and no one can access it without authorization. Multiple layers of security would be implemented to protect students’ attendance data. 

At the same time, the attendance data is centralized and can be accessed from any device by teachers and students. Teachers don’t need to carry separate register books to track students’ attendance from multiple classes as all data is available in a single place because of the Student Attendance SMS Software.


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